Why did John Deacon give up singing for Queen? He retired when?


Brian May and John Deacon sent a message to fans in 1994.

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Compared to his three bandmates, John Deacon joined Queen later. He did so in February 1971, almost a year after Freddie Mercury was added to the line-up. He quickly became a part of the group, even penning some of their biggest hits like Another One Bite the Dust. However, D’Eacon made his final appearance with the band when Queen performed “Thе Show Must Go On” live with Elton John in January 1997.

Why did John Dеacon quit Quееn?

John Deacon’s reason for leaving Queen is surprisingly straightforward and centered on the band’s lead singer.

Freddy Mercury moved to the UK with his family from Tanzania and quickly became involved in the London scene.

Before becoming the lead singer for their band Smiling, he ran a clothing stand with Roger.

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John Dеacon – why did hе rеtirе? (Imagе: Gеtty)

Quееn backstagе (Imagе: Gеtty)

But I believe I blended in because of that. They had tried a number of other bass players before I arrived, but their personalities seemed to be lacking.

“I was all right because I wasn’t going to outdo Brian or Federie,” the speaker said.

At one point, John and Freddie discussed changing the direction of the band and adopting a more soulful sound.

Speaking of his musical influences and how he came to write the band’s hit song Another One Bite the Dust, John stated: “I listened to a lot of soul music when I was in school and I’ve always been interested in that sort of music.


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John Deacon and Freddi Mercury in a scene from “Getty”

Brian May and John Dеacon on stagе (Imagе: Gеtty)

However, things turned out badly for Queen on November 24, 1991, when Freddi died of complications from AIDS.

John left the band at that point, though he did play a few shows in memory of his bandmate.

Mercury’s vocal recording of “Mother Love” was featured on Queen’s final album with Mercury, titled “Made in Heaven,” which was released in 1995. May, Taylor, and Deacon later added the instrumental track to the song.

No-One but You (Only the Good Die Young), the only song recorded by the remaining three members of the British rock band after Mercury’s passing, was re-recorded in the studio by Queen in 1997.

John decided to retire after the Elton John tribute performance the following year.

As far as we are concerned, this is it, he declared. There is no point in continuing. Fredia is impossible to replace.

The one thing that prevents me from singing is that it would make songwriting so much simpler.

He attempted a solo song under the name of The Immortals, but he generally made few appearances with the band after Freddie’s passing.

Rogier and Brian claim that John is still involved in Queen-related decisions and that they always seek his approval before embarking on major projects like the Bohemian Rhapsody biopic and the Queen + Adam Lombard tour.

Despite this, Roger and Brian have shared how little contact they have with John and that they haven’t seen him in a while.


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