What is the name of Johnny Sins’ wife? Kissa Sins, a pornstar, has “always been a sexual deviant.”

Johnny Sins is a well-known personality in the adult film industry. The actor’s celebrity even spawned memes outside of the pornographic world. Sins, real name Steven Wolfe, is one of the most sought-after male pornographers in the world. His wife, Kissa Sins, appeared on the October cover of AVN, an American trade publication covering the adult video industry.

Kissa, like the other notable person, is a well-known figure in the industry. According to her AVN profile, less than seven years after her debut on Brazzers, she has become one of the most popular artists in adult entertainment, commanding a fanatical following that spans multiple media platforms. “I’ve always been a sexual pervert who had more sexual energy inside me than I could handle,” Kissa said in the interview. “Porn allowed me to share it with the world.” I’m still the same tomboy who doesn’t wear make up and snores when he laughs! ”

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How did Johnhny and Kissa meet? Porn star arrested for forcing women to shoot nude

According to AVN, Johnny met Kissа “long before direct messages were a thing” on Instagram. “We both commented on each other’s photos and he left his phone number in the comments,” she explained. I got the message and advised him to delete it as soon as possible before random people start looking for it! ”

“After texting for a while, we agreed to meet for a drink—nothing nice—at a local bar near my place,” she recalls. “I came early because I was nervous and wanted a drink before Kiss came. He texted me at the bar and said he was stopped by the cops but everything was fine; he’s always flipping through his tickets While I was waiting, he texted me a picture of his legs sitting in the car in the smallest black dress.”

“When he arrived, I immediately relaxed and we talked, flirted and had a few drinks,” she added. “I got even more turned on when I realized she wasn’t wearing any underwear under her little black dress at the bar!” He said he expected me to be a big jerk, but was shocked to learn that I was a half-decent guy driving a truck, not a dumb Benz or anything fancy. That night we returned to my place. After convincing her to stay the night and cooking her omelet in the morning, we became inseparable. ”

“When we became inseparable and started my erotic blog it became extremely popular on the internet and I quickly realized that people were very interested in how we lived our lives,” Kissa said. “We basically put our lives, especially our sex lives, on the line and people loved it.” We all became a family watching us grow up, it was weird and cool and I enjoyed it. “When I decided to work with other men besides Johnny Sins and signed Jules Jordan, it was like growing up for me,” Kissa added. I only slept with a few guys at the time and was monogamous with Johnny, but he didn’t seem to mind because he wanted me to do what made me happy. I was at a crossroads, I decided to quit porn or go explore my own sexuality. and I chose the latter. ”

According to several websites, Johnny and Kissа broke up in 2019. In fact, Kissа wrote on her Instagram on January 31, 2020, “Yes, I dated and broke up with Ozzy last year after Johnny Sins”, referring to her ex Ozzy Lusth. contestant on the reality show “Survivor”. “Yeah, Ozzy and I were traveling together in Costa Rica last month,” she continued. Yes, Johnny is aware; He’s been having a lot of sex in Vegas, but he’s fine. Yes, I’m spending the next month in Mexico with Johnny. ”

She continued, “I’m single right now and every day I just do what makes me happy..” JUST BEING A WOMAN DOESN’T MEAN NONE OF THIS IS WRONG… if a man were single and we were dating, he’d be a hero, but if a man were to date, he’d be a hero. when he does, we’re branded as bad whores, right? ”

However, their distinction is not mentioned in the AVN profile. Johnny is also regularly featured in Instagram posts, the last of which was on August 8th.

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