Discover the Surprising Humble Lifestyle of Hallmark’s Ashley Williams and Be Amazed by Her Simplicity


Ashley Williams: The Unassuming Nomadic Life of a Hallmark Star

While some Hallmark stars lead a lavish lifestyle, Ashley Williams, known for her role in “Christmas in Evergreen,” doesn’t exactly fit the stereotype. Unlike her fellow actors, her social media doesn’t showcase designer clothes or extravagant vacations. In fact, during Christmas Con in 2023, she shared her excitement over a reindeer pin and Christmas ornament earrings instead of luxury items. Despite her success, Williams still considers staying at the Ritz Carlton a special treat, and for a Father’s Day getaway in 2021, she and her husband opted for humble accommodations at a Residence Inn.

Conservative Pay for Hallmark Stars

According to SAG, the lower end of what lead actors might make for a week’s worth of filming is $1,251. Although this is a decent sum, it’s not indicative of a lavish lifestyle. Even a seasoned Hallmark star like Ashley Williams still finds joy in the simple things, such as staying at a Residence Inn or getting the chance to jump on a luxury hotel’s bed when a friend has a room there. These modest choices indicate that not all Hallmark stars are living as ostentatiously as one might think.

Pandemic Nomad

Williams’ lifestyle took an unexpected turn during the pandemic, leading her to become a nomad of sorts. Following the halting of her movie production, Williams and her family found themselves uprooted and living in Airbnb rentals. She candidly shared her experiences, revealing that she lived in 29 different Airbnb rentals by November 2022. Finally, in 2023, they purchased a “fixer-upper” four-bed, two-bath residence in Studio City for $2 million, showcasing her inclination towards a more grounded living situation.

Unconventional Living Situations

Williams’ journey to settling into her new home has been far from normal. Moving in while the property was still under renovation, she experienced living conditions that were less than ideal. She shared her candid experiences during an Instagram Live, showing the unfinished state of her home, including the lack of a functioning bathroom and the presence of construction equipment in various rooms. Additionally, she humorously mentioned having to share their refrigerator with mice, prompting her to find the silver lining and compare the situation to “camping in our house.”


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