Publication Principle


Developing Internet Awareness: Techno Trenz closely follow the technology to ensure that all Internet users can access the right
information quickly. And makes publications containing all topics.

Use of Information, Documents and Archives: Techno Trenz is committed to change the content and remove it from the publication, if deemed
necessary in all kinds of negative news about the news and content.

Multi-Voice and Participatory Publishing: Techno Trenz publish by researching all kinds of
news. Techno Trenz visitors can also share their own news, opinions and suggestions.

Being an Educative: Techno Trenz conducts research on the necessary topics, and as a result
of his research, he shares the news and documents with his / her visitors so that the readers
can improve themselves.

Respect to the Right to Answer: Techno Trenz offers the right to respond to persons who are
exposed to a news or content published on the site or published in any publication.

Non Prejudicial Approach: Techno Trenz does not have any affiliation to any institution,
organization, political party or person. Techno Trenz , looks neutrally to all news and publishes
as impartially.

Truth Search Anxiety: Techno Trenz will always review the news or content, regardless of the
outcome, and as a result only share the correct information with its readers.

Being a Pioneer: Techno Trenz attaches importance to the power of internet journalism and
social media, adapting to the evolving technology over time and helping its visitors to

Reliability: Techno Trenz gives importance to the value given by its visitors, always giving the
right information to its readers in time.

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