Kathryn Dennis Dishes on Olivia Flowers’ Shocking Hookup with Thomas Ravenel: Her True Feelings Revealed!


How Kathryn Dennis Feels About Olivia Flowers’ Bombshell Hookup with Thomas Ravenel

Kathryn Dennis has broken her silence over Olivia Flowers’ bombshell reveal, and it’s not what you’d expect. On January 11, reality TV fans were treated to part one of the “Southern Charm” Season 9 reunion, and one of the most significant talking points of the episode revolved around the former friendship between Flowers and Taylor Ann Green. While the two ladies were close at the start of the season, things began to fizzle after Green secretly hooked up with Flowers’ ex, Austen Kroll, per Bravo TV. When discussing their friendship and the topic of forgiveness, the sales professional seemingly hinted that the social media marketer had also been guilty of hooking up with a friend’s ex. “I’m just saying, Olivia, forgive as you would want to be forgiven,” Green said (via Us Weekly).

Olivia Flowers’ Shocking Revelation

In response, Flowers didn’t back down, encouraging Green to reveal her secret, before admitting that she had relations with former “Southern Charm” star Thomas Ravenel, Dennis’ infamous ex. “I was fresh out of college, 20 years old, dumb drunken night. One time, [I] dad a hook-up with T-Rav. I wanted to take it to my grave, like who wouldn’t,” she explained. While her fellow cast members were left shocked by the revelation, Dennis had a very different reaction to the news.

Kathryn Dennis’ Unexpected Response

Shortly after the reunion aired, the mom of two took to Instagram to share three selfies with her former co-star alongside a heartwarming caption. “We have never been closer. You did nothing wrong and don’t need to worry about being judged by me,” Dennis wrote. Flowers echoed similar sentiments in her comment section, adding, “Love you my girl, thank you for always looking out.”

A Strong Friendship Off-Camera

While Dennis is no longer on “Southern Charm,” she and Flowers have maintained a close friendship off-camera. In October 2023, the former reality TV star gushed about their friendship on Instagram, describing the social media marketer as a good one. “All the times, I’ve been told don’t worry the good ones will still be there in the end, turns out it’s true,” she wrote alongside a photo of them embracing. In September 2023, Flowers also shared kind words about Dennis when discussing the latter’s departure from the show. “I do still keep up with her every once in a while. I think I always will,” she told The Messenger. “She was like a big sister coming into this … But I think taking priority of things that are important right now, hopefully, we’ll see her again.”


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