Jacquie Roar wows fans in ‘The Voice’ Season 24 Semifinals with powerful performance of Sia’s ‘Alive’


Jacquie Roar wows ‘The Voice’ fans with powerful performance

UNIVERSAL CITY, CALIFORNIA: Jacquie’s fans opted for her to perform the motivating Sia song ‘Alive’, but with the Chris Daughtry version, to better suit her style. However, some fans believe her voice was not suitable for a Sia performance after her performance during ‘The Voice’ Season 24 semi-final.

The mother burst into tears as she said how the song reminded her of how difficult it is to work in the music industry. Tonight, Jacquie competed for Team Reba.

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Jacquie’s remarkable performance

John Legend admitted that it was a difficult song, but Jacquie “knocked it out of the park” since her low voice was “powerful.” Reba McEntire described Jacquie as the “complete package” and said that she is “so proud” of her.

On Reddit, fans complained, “Damn, why tf did the fans pick a Sia song for Jacquie, that’s A- not the type of music she does at all, & B- like the hardest songs for singers to sing. Good luck.”

While another user chimed in, “Sia is almost always an elimination song.”

One user further commented, “Welp, that’s about as good as she could have done with that song. Still a weird choice for Jacquie’s fans.”

A fourth user added, “Not crazy about the choice.”

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Others wrote, “Not a great song choice for her. She was stronger in the end.”

Some described it as, “it was an odd song choice for her.”

One fan noted, “it just doesn’t seem like the sort of thing she would ever put on a setlist.” A fan also wrote, ” Still think it was a weird a** song choice for her.”

'The Voice' fans criticize Jacquie Roar's song choice in semifinals (Instagram/JacquieRoar)
‘The Voice’ fans criticize Jacquie Roar’s song choice in semifinals (Instagram/@JacquieRoar)

Who is Jacquie Roar on ‘The Voice’ Season 24?

Jacquie’s childhood as a single mother has given her an understanding of hardship, perseverance, and hard work. She started her own company at a young age by doing odd jobs, and she even asked other teenagers to work with her.

Maintaining her entrepreneurial momentum, Jacquie is now the prosperous owner of her wedding DJ firm. Along with singing for many other artists, including Alan Jackson, Kelsea Ballerini, Brett Young, Dan + Shay, and Martina McBride, she has also performed the national anthem for the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers.

Since forming a band four years ago, Jacquie has performed whenever she can at festivals, casinos, weddings, and bars. She gave performances at the renowned Ponderosa Lounge & Grill as well as the Oregon Jamboree.

With her powerful vocals and exuberant performances, Jacquie controls the stage. She likes spending time with her daughter Leilani, her five-year partner Jesse, and her extra daughter Georgia when she’s not on stage.

Jacquie Roar on 'The Voice' Season 24 (Instagram/JacquieRoar)
Jacquie Roar on ‘The Voice’ Season 24 (Instagram/@JacquieRoar)

Jacquie Roar’s journey on ‘The Voice’

Jacquie claims she went to Las Vegas around ten years ago to try her luck on ‘The Voice,’ the long-running hit singing competition TV show.

“I remember driving there to audition, and I made it through three of the preliminary rounds,” Jacquie told Oregon Live over the phone recently.

But Jacquie, who lives in North Plains, didn’t make it beyond the preliminary stages to the blind auditions, in which singers strive to wow the coaches enough to turn their chairs around and look at who’s holding the microphone.

Jacquie persevered. She auditioned again, and again, and again over the years, until Season 24, when she did it online.

Jacquie Roar had been auditioning for 'The Voice' for over a decade (Instagram/@JacquieRoar)
Jacquie Roar had been auditioning for ‘The Voice’ for over a decade (Instagram/@JacquieRoar)

Jacquie Roar also took a shot at ‘American Idol’

It’s not the first time Jacquie has competed in a singing competition. She made an appearance on ‘American Idol’ in 2012. However, she became ill and was unable to finish the competition.

“I was going by Jacquie Cera then,” Jacquie said. “I was just a baby, then I just made it to the group rounds, and I got really sick.”

Jacquie Roar auditioned for 'American Idol' when she was a baby (Instagram/JacquieRoar)
Jacquie Roar had also auditioned for ‘American Idol’ (Instagram/@JacquieRoar)

Looking ahead to ‘The Voice’ Season 24 finale

‘The Voice’ Season 24 winner will be announced on December 12 at 9 pm ET on NBC.

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