The Spencer Family Finds The Crown Exhausting: Charles and Princess Diana’s Relatives Express Fatigue


Charles, 9th Earl Spencer Reveals Impact of The Crown Depiction of Princess Diana’s Final Weeks

Charles, 9th Earl Spencer recently opened up about the toll his family has experienced after The Crown depicted his late sister Princess Diana’s final weeks before her tragic death in 1997. The author, 59, spoke on BBC Radio 4’s Broadcasting House, following a judge’s order for the BBC to release emails related to Martin Bashir’s controversial interview with Princess Diana. As the Earl criticized the BBC for attempting to prevent the release of the emails, he also shared his thoughts on the popular Netflix drama, The Crown.

Impact of The Crown on the Spencer Family

The Earl expressed his concerns about the toll that The Crown has taken on his family, emphasizing that the speculative nature of the show’s storylines has become more evident to people in recent years. Charles emphasized that while the depiction is based on factual events, the dramatized nature of the show has become increasingly apparent, leading to an exhausting experience for his family.

Resisting The Crown’s Influence: A Point of Principle

Charles made it clear that he sees the resistance against The Crown’s influence as a point of principle, emphasizing the need for responsible, senior figures at the BBC. He firmly believes that the BBC should not be hidden behind to protect their careers, reiterating his stance against the show’s impact.

Rejecting The Crown’s Request to Film at Althorp House

In 2021, Charles revealed that he had rejected requests from The Crown’s producers to film at his ancestral home, Althorp House. He stated that while the producers had applied and expressed interest in shooting at the estate, he chose not to entertain such requests, reflecting his stance against the show.

Challenging Perceptions of The Crown as Fact

Charles has repeatedly emphasized the need to distinguish The Crown as a work of fiction, urging viewers not to perceive it as a historical fact. He expressed concerns that viewers, especially foreigners, are assuming The Crown to be an accurate portrayal of historical events, while it remains a dramatized version of reality.

Continuing Controversy and Clarifications

Amidst the ongoing controversy, an independent inquiry in 2021 found that the BBC had covered up the “deceitful behavior” used by journalist Martin Bashir to secure his shocking interview with Diana in 1995. The report highlighted serious breaches in the BBC’s producer guidelines and added to the overall context of the ongoing impact of The Crown’s portrayal of historical events.

In conclusion, the revelation of Charles, 9th Earl Spencer about the impact of The Crown on his family sheds light on the ongoing challenges presented by the show’s dramatized retellings of historical events.


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