A Showdown of Love: Ashlee Faces Off Against Kirston on ‘Ready to Love: Make a Move’ (EXCLUSIVE Clip)


Ashlee May Have Met Her Match in Kirston on ‘Ready to Love: Make a Move’

In an exclusive clip from ‘Ready To Love: Make A Move,’ Ashlee is concerned by how much she’s starting to like her potential beau, Kirston.

Trying to find love on reality TV isn’t for the weak, especially when it ends in heartbreak. While this was the case for Ashlee Akins on OWN’s Ready to Love, she returned to find love once more on Season 1 of Ready To Love: Make A Move.

Ashlee’s Journey to Find Love

Since venturing to New Orleans to meet her match, Ashlee has had a slight rotation of eligible bachelors. However, one man hoping to keep her attention is Kirston, a sophisticated, handsome man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to wait for a relationship with Ashlee despite her reservations.

On Ready To Love: Make A Move, Ashlee has difficulty letting go of her past to make space for a future with Kirston. The pair hit it off soon after meeting, though Ashlee can’t seem to move past Kirston behaving like men she’s dated.

Ashlee’s Hesitation with Kirston

As Ashlee explained in a clip from Season 1, Ep. 9, she isn’t “new to this rodeo” and has been dating for a long time. So, even though Kirston showers her with compliments and a lavish dinner, Ashlee isn’t sure Kirston is her match because of his familiar behavior.

“I’m not going to lie, I’m very attracted to you, but I’m scared,” Ashlee admits to Kirston in the clip. “Because you remind me so much of all the guys I’ve dated before.”

Kirston’s Determination

Kirston isn’t feeling Ashlee’s blanket comparisons of him and her previous boyfriends. He assures her that he doesn’t need much from her but to continue having a good time together on their dates, which he said Ashlee provides. And like Ashlee, Kirston said he’s looking for something serious and is ready to settle down and “give fate a shot.”

Ashlee’s Decisions

While Ashlee is still a little guarded, she opens up and gives Kirston a big smile on their date and asks why it “took so long” for her to meet her potential boo. And, despite her “repeat offender history,” Ashlee is willing to give Kirston a shot and tells him she wants to try texting and hanging out with him more.

Kirston’s Confidence

Ashlee’s reservations about being vulnerable are valid. After a public breakup with former Ready to Love contestant Alexx Blanks, she’s guarding her heart this time, which Kirston understands. During their date, Kirston assured Ashlee he was committed to giving her as much time and space as needed. He also said he’s not concerned about Ashlee being “booked and busy” with other dates because he knows he’s the best choice at the end of the day.

“Peripheral opponents are what Pat Reilly calls it,” Kirston says on Ready To Love: Make A Move. “I won’t compete; I’ll just continue to be myself, continue to put my best foot forward, and do what I’m supposed to do as a man to show her that I want to be in her life.”

See what happens between Ashlee and Kirston on Ready To Love: Make A Move. New episodes air Fridays at 8 p.m. EST on OWN.


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