Amanda Bynes Captivates TikTok with Edgy Blue Eyebrows and Mullet Resurgence.


Amanda Bynes Revamps Her Look with Blue Eyebrows and Mullet in New TikTok Video

Eight months after Amanda Bynes, 37, was released from a mental health facility, the former child actress returned to the spotlight with a platinum blonde makeover. The What a Girl Wants star took to TikTok on December 11 and shared a new video of her icy-blonde mullet and dark-blue eyebrows. In the clip, Amanda rocked a black t-shirt and kept her glam simple with what appeared to be plain foundation and a glossy pink lip. The starlet’s heart-shaped face tattoo was also on full display. Amanda shared the clip to explain how she appears in different lighting and even slammed paparazzi photos for making her look “terrible” due to the lighting.

Amanda’s Take on Paparazzi Photos

Amanda usually doesn’t look good in paparazzi pictures due to the harsh sunlight, causing her to look different than she does in other lighting. She demonstrated how lighting can create shadows on her face and affect her appearance. She emphasized that her “secret” to looking good is by finding the “best light” around her.

Fan Reactions and Support

Following the post, many of Amanda’s followers expressed admiration and support for her latest look. Fans showered her with compliments, reassuring her that she looks beautiful inside and out regardless of the lighting. The positive feedback and encouragement from her audience reflected the strong support that Amanda continues to receive.

Amanda’s Revelation About Blepharoplasty Surgery

In a separate video, Amanda revealed that she had Blepharoplasty surgery on the skin folds in the corner of her eyes, sharing that it significantly boosted her self-confidence and made her feel a lot better about herself. This revelation showcased her openness about personal experiences and the steps she has taken to enhance her well-being.

Amanda’s Podcast Debut

Most recently, Amanda made her debut back into the spotlight by launching a new podcast via Spotify. The first episode of her show, “Amanda Bynes & Paul Sieminski: The Podcast,” received positive reception, leading to her announcement of filming the next episode. Her foray into podcasting further solidifies her return to the public eye and allows fans to engage with her on a different platform.


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