Aven Jones’ heartfelt public apology in response to allegations of infidelity by Kylee Russell.


Aven Jones Responds to Cheating Allegations: What Bachelor Nation Is Saying

“Bachelor in Paradise” star Aven Jones has publicly responded after his now former girlfriend alleged he cheated on her. The last that Bachelor Nation fans had seen, with the December 7 season 9 finale, Jones and Kylee Russell were still a couple. However, just a day later, their status had changed.

Toward the end of “Bachelor in Paradise,” Jones and Russell struggled to determine what should come next for their relationship. She wanted an engagement, and he was hesitant. They ended up staying together as a couple, but leaving the beach early.

After the finale, they posted sweet photos on social media and signaled she was preparing to move to San Diego, California, where he lived. A matter of hours later, Russell revealed on Instagram she had learned a lot, none of it good, about Jones in the previous 24 hours. Their relationship was over, she shared. Now, Jones has shared a response. Here’s what you need to know:

Aven Jones Apologized to Kylee Russell

On December 10, Jones took to his Instagram Stories to share his apology. “After careful thought and consideration into writing this I want to first and foremost apologize to Kylee, my family and my friends for my actions,” he wrote. “I have made major mistakes in the relationship and hurt someone who was very close to me,” the “Bachelor in Paradise” star admitted. Jones continued, “At this time, I am in an extremely extremely low place trying to work on myself.”

Russell announced the split on December 9 in an Instagram Story. “In the last 24 hours I have been grasping with the fact that one of the most relationships in my life has dissolved due to multiple infidelities,” she wrote in the now-expired post.

Bachelor Nation Had Little Love for Jones & His Statement

Jones also explained, “I am doing my best to find healing, find myself and be a better person. Please have grace and respect for Kylee and her family through this difficult time.” Because the “Bachelor in Paradise” star posted the apology in an Instagram Story, people could not publicly comment. In addition, the post would only be available for 24 hours before it would disappear. That did not stop Bachelor Nation fans from making their opinions about the situation, and his statement, known, though. A thread in “The Bachelor” subreddit garnered over 500 comments in less than 10 hours. Jones did not get much support there.

“I hope he never bounces back from this,” commented one critic. “Apology posts from cheaters are just so ridiculous,” noted another. “I kinda feel like this is the best statement it could be? Taking accountability while not taking up too much space,” suggested a Redditor. “Sir you put YOURSELF in a low place, here’s the smallest violin,” quipped another Redditor. “I guess it’s good he owned up to it, but I imagine it’s only bc the other women told Kylee. He was arrogant enough to still post couple pics knowing damn well he cheated repeatedly. He would’ve tried to get away with it for as long as he could,” declared someone else.

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