Calling All Patriots: Secure Jaguars CB to Fix J.C. Jackson Misstep


Why New England Patriots Should Consider Amani Oruwariye Over J.C. Jackson

The New England Patriots have been facing challenges with their secondary ever since rookie Christian Gonzalez suffered a shoulder injury, leaving a gap that hasn’t been adequately filled. The decision to trade for J.C. Jackson back from the Los Angeles Chargers has not yielded the expected results, prompting suggestions for Amani Oruwariye as a potential alternative by Bleacher Report. Currently on the practice squad for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Oruwariye has ties with former Patriots’ defensive coordinator Matt Patricia, and his interception skills could add value to the struggling Patriots’ defense. As the Patriots look to enhance a defense that continues to carry the team through a tough season, Oruwariye’s familiarity with the Patriots’ system makes him a viable candidate for consideration.

The Disappointing J.C. Jackson Trade

The Patriots’ acquisition of J.C. Jackson from the Chargers in exchange for a sixth-round pick in the 2025 NFL draft was intended to address the absence of Gonzalez. With an impressive track record of 25 interceptions during his time with the Patriots, Jackson appeared to be a solid replacement. However, his return to New England has not lived up to expectations, as highlighted by his struggles on the field. Despite making six starts in eight games, Jackson has allowed 394 yards on 29 completions, with his performance falling short of the desired standards. His recent shaky display against the Pittsburgh Steelers further emphasizes the need for a more reliable option in the Patriots’ secondary.

Amani Oruwariye’s Familiarity with the Patriots’ Style

While Matt Patricia is no longer part of the Patriots’ coaching staff, his influence on the team’s man-coverage system still resonates. During his time with the Detroit Lions, Patricia played a significant role in Amani Oruwariye’s development from a fifth-round pick to an NFL starter. Oruwariye’s ability to create turnovers and make plays on the ball has been evident, even after Patricia’s departure. Despite issues with penalties, which align with the Patriots’ coverage techniques, Oruwariye’s potential contribution to the Patriots’ defense cannot be overlooked. His familiarity with the Patriots’ defensive scheme, combined with his experience as an NFL starter, positions him as a compelling option to bolster the Patriots’ secondary.

It’s evident that the Patriots’ defensive woes demand urgent attention, and the potential addition of Amani Oruwariye serves as a strategic move to reinforce the team’s defensive capabilities. With the need for stability and reliability in the secondary, the Patriots should seriously consider turning to Oruwariye to address their ongoing challenges and further strengthen their defensive unit.

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