Emma Stone shares exclusive details about her pre-wedding mishap in a stunning new interview!


Emma Stone Reveals Surprising Wedding Story and Marriage Details

Emma Stone, 35, recently shared a hilarious and unexpected story about her wedding week in a new podcast interview. She revealed that she accidentally got a black eye just before her 2020 wedding to comedian and writer Dave McCary. The incident occurred when she opened a refrigerator and the handle broke off, leading to the comical mishap. Despite the mishap, Emma’s wedding to Dave was a beautiful moment in their love story.

Private Love Story

Emma and Dave have kept their love story relatively private over the years, with limited details about their relationship and marriage in the public eye. The couple reportedly began dating in 2017 after meeting on Saturday Night Live, which Emma hosted. Their engagement followed two years later, and Dave announced it in 2019 by sharing a photo of Emma’s stunning engagement ring. Their wedding, initially scheduled for March 2020, was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, they eventually tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony.

Parenting Journey

Following their wedding, Emma and Dave welcomed their daughter, Louise Jean, in 2021. The arrival of their first child marked a new chapter in their lives, adding to the joy and love they share as a family. The couple’s journey into parenthood has solidified their bond and brought them even closer together.

Insightful Perspective on Marriage

Prior to getting engaged, Emma shared her thoughts on marriage, expressing a significant shift in her perspective as she grew older. In an interview with her close friend, Jennifer Lawrence, for Elle magazine, Emma revealed her evolving desire to get married and have children. This insight into her personal journey offers a deeper understanding of the meaningful milestones she has experienced in her life.

Respect and Support in Their Relationship

A source shared insights into the dynamic of Emma and Dave’s relationship, emphasizing the mutual respect and support they have for each other. Dave’s unselfish desire for Emma’s success and his encouragement of her professional pursuits are qualities that strengthen their bond. Emma, in turn, holds immense respect for Dave and is impressed by his talents, creating a solid foundation for their enduring partnership.


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