Exciting Trade: Gordon Hayward Headed to Celtics Rival!


Gordon Hayward, Marcus Smart, and Blake Griffin: Potential Trades and Returns for the Boston Celtics

As the NBA season continues, the Boston Celtics are facing potential changes to their roster. With trade rumors swirling and former players possibly making a return, the team may undergo significant transformations. Let’s dive into the latest news surrounding Gordon Hayward, Marcus Smart, and the possibility of Blake Griffin rejoining the Celtics.

The Prospects of a Hayward Trade

By currently playing for the Charlotte Hornets, Gordon Hayward is not much of a threat to the Boston Celtics. However, that could change if a division rival, like the Philadelphia 76ers, traded for him. Given the Sixers’ cap flexibility, that could be possible. Philly Voice’s Adam Aaronson proposed a trade that would send Hayward to the Sixers, in a December 11 story. The trade details include the Sixers receiving Hayward in exchange for Marcus Morris Sr., Furkan Korkmaz, Danuel House Jr., Jaden Springer, 2024 second-round pick via New York, and a 2029 76ers second-round pick.

Aaronson explained that Hayward’s abilities align with the Sixers’ needs, as an expiring deal could fit their win-now plans while providing added versatility on the court. Hayward’s playmaking and solid defense could be valuable additions to the Sixers, addressing some of their current weaknesses.

A Proposed Smart Trade to the Milwaukee Bucks

While an ex-Celtic like Gordon Hayward could potentially stand in the way of the Celtics’ hopes, Marcus Smart could too. Bleacher Report’s Greg Swartz proposed a potential trade that would send Smart to the Milwaukee Bucks. The trade details outline the Bucks receiving Smart in exchange for Bobby Portis, Pat Connaughton, MarJon Beauchamp, and a 2024 second-round pick via the Portland Trail Blazers.

Swartz highlighted how Smart’s defensive prowess could greatly benefit the Bucks, helping to bolster their lineup and shore up their weaknesses on the defensive end. Such a trade would potentially strengthen the Bucks’ overall performance, posing a challenge for the Celtics in future matchups.

A Possible Blake Griffin Return

One possible way the Celtics could fill their last roster spot is with Blake Griffin. It appears that a Griffin return isn’t out of the question. MassLive’s Brian Robb explained that if he were to come back, he wouldn’t expect Griffin to return for a few months. If the Celtics do secure Griffin’s return, it could provide valuable support for their frontcourt, potentially bolstering their playoff prospects.

If Griffin opts not to come back, Robb still expects the Celtics to actively explore trade talks for other bigs, indicating their commitment to strengthening the team’s depth and addressing any potential shortcomings in the frontcourt. This proactive approach suggests that the Celtics are determined to make strategic moves to improve their roster.


As trade talks and potential player returns continue to make headlines, the Boston Celtics are poised to undergo significant changes. Whether it’s the prospect of Hayward joining the Sixers, Smart potentially moving to the Bucks, or the potential return of Griffin, the Celtics’ roster dynamics could soon look markedly different. With each development, the team’s future is filled with both uncertainty and the promise of new opportunities for success.


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