Exclusive Clip: Gabriella from ‘sMothered’ Showcases Larger-Than-Life Poster of Her Mom Catherine! Don’t Miss Out!


Gabriella of ‘sMothered’ Showcases Larger-Than-Life Poster of Mom Catherine (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

After what feels like a gazillion years, TLC is finally dropping Season 5 of sMothered. Brace yourself for a wild ride as this new season introduces several fresh mother-daughter duos who are more than ready to redefine the meaning of crossing boundaries. Let the smothering saga continue!

Gabriella and Catherine: New Additions to sMothered

Gabriella and Catherine Vigorito are the newcomers featured in Season 5 of sMothered. The mother and daughter duo from Clinton, Conn., are pageant queens, and their vibrant personalities are sure to spice things up in the upcoming season. Gabriella, in particular, has her sights set on following in Catherine’s footsteps and winning the coveted Miss Connecticut USA title. Their dynamic is filled with love, support, and a shared passion for pageantry.

An Exclusive Insight

In an exclusive clip obtained by Distractify, Catherine opens up about the heartwarming bond she shares with her 20-something daughter, Gabriella. She gushes about the special connection that blossomed the moment Gabriella made her grand entrance into the world. From a young age, Gabriella and Catherine have been known for their fondness for matching outfits, embracing bougie and over-the-top looks with ease. Their bond and shared interests perfectly encapsulate the essence of sMothered.

A Mother-Daughter Bond Like No Other

Catherine fondly reminisces about the day Gabriella was born, emphasizing the immediate connection they shared, even more profound than with her other daughters. She describes it as something heavenly, akin to encountering an angel. This deep bond has carried them through numerous matching outfits and various shared experiences, creating an unbreakable connection between them. Gabriella herself stands in awe of her mother, idolizing her as she strives to emulate Catherine’s resplendent achievements in the pageantry world.

Dreams and Aspirations

Gabriella’s admiration for her mother is evident as she proudly showcases a larger-than-life poster of Catherine in her room. As the Miss Connecticut USA titleholder, Catherine’s presence looms large for Gabriella, who looks up to her as a role model and source of inspiration. The passion and ambition displayed by this mother-daughter duo are nothing short of awe-inspiring, as Gabriella sets her sights on claiming the crown that her mother once wore with such grace and elegance.

The Countdown Begins

The exclusive clip offers a glimpse into the lives of Gabriella and Catherine as they prepare for the upcoming pageant season. Their commitment to each other and their shared dreams is evident in every word and action, making them an incredibly endearing addition to the sMothered family. Fans can expect to witness the unfolding of their journey and the trials and triumphs they encounter as the new season kicks off. Tune in to Season 5 of sMothered, premiering Tuesday, December 12 at 10 p.m. EST on TLC, to witness the captivating story of Gabriella and Catherine unfold.


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