Exclusive: Royal Christmas Card Reveals Surprising New Central Figure in the Wales Family – It’s Not Who You Expected!


Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Family Christmas Card Reveals Surprising Message, Says Body Language Expert

With the holiday season upon us, Prince William and the Princess of Wales (formerly known as Kate Middleton) have released their annual family Christmas card. The image is a black-and-white photo showing William with his wife and their three children. The couple is standing side-by-side with Prince George and Prince Louis next to them, while Princess Charlotte is seated in the middle of her brothers. This year, a body language expert has analyzed the photo and found that it reveals a hidden message about a major change for the royal family of five.

The Signal the Card Sends About the Wales Family as a Whole

Body language and behavioral expert Judi James noted that the family’s poses and body language in the card appear to signal a message they want to get across. She suggested that the photo conveys “that they are a very cool and a very unbreachable family unit.” James further explained, “The strong sense of tight, loving ‘uniformed’ grouping and the stark monochrome, plus the relaxed and confident body language looks like the emotional equivalent of them having a moat and drawbridge around them.” The family’s choice of attire, with casual jeans and white shirts, portrays a more relatable and casual version of the royals, showcasing their strength and confidence as a family unit.

Expert Says the Card Shows Which Family Member is the Central Figure Now

According to James, Prince William is no longer the central figure of the family; his daughter Princess Charlotte is now taking on this role. In previous Christmas cards, poses have been built around William, but in this year’s card, it seems to have been built around Charlotte. James pointed out that if the others were taken out of the pose, Charlotte would still make a congruent photo. Additionally, the expert observed a poignant factor about the way the group gathered around the daughter on a chair, as Charlotte bears a striking resemblance to the late queen, Elizabeth. This central status-rich pose and beautiful smile reflect echoes of Elizabeth when she was young, conveying a moving message in the family Christmas card.

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