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The Continued Challenges of Franchise Mode in ‘Madden 24’

Despite the highly anticipated release of ‘Madden 24’ in August, the ongoing issues with the Franchise mode have left many players frustrated. The game mode, which has been plagued with bugs since launch, has recently disappeared from the start-up screen for some players, sparking concerns that it may have been removed from the game altogether. However, it is important to note that Franchise mode has not been entirely removed from ‘Madden 24.’ Instead, it has been temporarily down for maintenance, causing it to not appear for some players. In this article, we’ll explore the latest developments regarding the status of Franchise mode in ‘Madden 24’ and provide insights into how players can address the issues they may be encountering.

Understanding the Disappearance of Franchise Mode

Following a period of maintenance, numerous players reported that Franchise mode was no longer visible when they logged into ‘Madden 24.’ This unexpected change left many users puzzled and concerned about the fate of the game mode that they had been eagerly anticipating. It’s important to clarify that while Franchise mode is far from flawless, it has not been removed from the game. The disappearance appears to be a bug that some players have found workarounds for. The development team has not made an official decision to eliminate the mode, and efforts are underway to resolve the issues that have caused it to vanish for certain players.

Resolving the Visibility Issue

For those who are still unable to see the Franchise mode in ‘Madden 24,’ there are potential solutions to address this problem. Some players have reported success in making the mode reappear by placing the game into offline mode before launching it. This workaround appears to be related to the game’s internet connection, as the mode becomes inaccessible when the game is connected online. While this method has proven effective for some players, others may continue to experience difficulties in accessing Franchise mode. In such cases, it is possible that the development team is still working on patches and maintenance to restore the mode for all users.

The Ongoing Challenges of Franchise Mode

Franchise mode in ‘Madden 24’ has been plagued by numerous bugs and gameplay issues since its release. Many players have reported roster anomalies and persistent fatigue problems that impact the overall experience of the mode. Some have criticized the mode for its underachieving performance and emphasized the need for significant improvements in future updates. Despite its shortcomings, Franchise mode remains a popular choice for many players, underscoring the importance of resolving the technical issues that have hindered its functionality.

Looking Ahead to Madden 25

As discussions around the shortcomings of Franchise mode continue to circulate among the ‘Madden 24’ community, players have already begun expressing their wishlist for the upcoming ‘Madden 25.’ A recurring theme is the need to move away from playbooks as the primary determining factor for team performance in the simulation. The consensus is that player ratings should hold greater significance, and this sentiment is likely to influence the priorities for future game improvements. The anticipation for Madden 25 signals a collective desire for a more refined and immersive gaming experience, particularly in the context of Franchise mode.


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