Is ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Tanner Courtad Still in Love with Jess Girod? Find Out About Their ‘Green Flag’ Relationship Status!


SAYULITA, MEXICO: ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 9 finale sparks romance rumors

The finale of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 9 is around the corner, and fans are abuzz with the latest updates on the show. One of the most talked-about topics right now is the romantic entanglements of Tanner Courtad and Jess Girod, two of the show’s stars who have been making headlines for their relationship status. As the finale approaches, speculation is rife about who will end up with whom, and the latest developments have only added fuel to the fire. Let’s dive into the details and find out what’s been happening with Tanner, Jess, and their newfound romantic interests.

Tanner Courtad and Jess Girod: A rollercoaster romance?

The recent episodes of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 9 have offered a glimpse into the rollercoaster love life of Tanner Courtad and Jess Girod. After coupling up just ahead of the finale, the duo’s relationship has been the subject of intense speculation. Despite an initial spark, rumors suggest that Tanner and Jess may have called it quits after their departure from paradise. Their brief yet impactful connection also shed light on Jess’ earlier breakup with Blake Moynes and the subsequent romance with Tanner, adding another layer of complexity to their storyline.

Blake Moynes and Jess Girod: A love that wasn’t meant to be

Before the Tanner-Jess saga unfolded, Jess Girod’s romantic journey began with Blake Moynes. However, the duo’s relationship hit a roadblock, and they decided to part ways just ahead of the ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 9 finale. The lack of a strong connection and the inability to progress their romance led to the emotional decision to go their separate ways. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the conclusion of their storyline and are eager to see how it unfolds in the upcoming finale episode.

Tanner Courtad’s new flame: Olivia Lewis?

Adding a fresh twist to the tale, Tanner Courtad has sparked dating rumors with his co-star Olivia Lewis. Their recent Instagram post featuring a cozy dinner date has raised eyebrows and set tongues wagging. Fans have poured in their reactions, expressing anticipation and excitement at the potential blossoming romance. With speculations running high, the future seems uncertain for Tanner and Jess, especially considering the newfound connection between Tanner and Olivia.

The finale anticipation and beyond

As fans eagerly await the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 9 finale, the exhilarating drama has kept everyone on the edge of their seats. The romantic entanglements, unexpected twists, and emotional rollercoasters have set the stage for an epic conclusion. The fate of Tanner, Jess, Olivia, and other cast members will soon be revealed, and viewers are bracing themselves for a grand finale. What lies ahead for the stars of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’? Only time will tell as the gripping saga continues to unfold.

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