Pete Carroll Shocks Fans by Singling Out Seahawks Defenders in Call-Out Speech


Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll Calls Out Jamal Adams and Riq Woolen After Week 14 Loss

The Seattle Seahawks suffered a tough loss in Week 14, falling 28-16 to the San Francisco 49ers. Head coach Pete Carroll took the opportunity to call out specific players, Jamal Adams and Riq Woolen, after the game. This rare move by Carroll indicates the significance of the loss and the need for improvement.

Big Plays Haunt the Seahawks

The game against the 49ers was characterized by significant big plays that ultimately led to the Seahawks’ downfall. From Christian McCaffrey’s 72-yard run to George Kittle’s 44-yard touchdown, the defense struggled to contain the 49ers’ explosive plays. This pattern of allowing big plays is what prompted Carroll to call out specific players for their performance.

Pete Carroll’s Uncommon Approach

For Pete Carroll, publicly criticizing players is a rare occurrence. His decision to call out Jamal Adams and Riq Woolen in the media indicates the seriousness of the situation. By openly vocalizing his disappointment, Carroll is sending a message to the team that accountability and improved performance are paramount.

Seahawks Facing Unprecedented Challenges

The loss in Week 14 marked a significant milestone for Pete Carroll, as the Seahawks experienced four consecutive defeats for the first time in his 14-year tenure as head coach. This unprecedented situation has undoubtedly raised concerns within the organization and among fans, prompting a critical evaluation of the team’s performance and future prospects.

Looking Ahead

As the Seahawks prepare to face the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 15, the pressure is on to reverse their losing streak. With the Eagles also facing challenges of their own, the upcoming matchup presents an opportunity for the Seahawks to demonstrate resilience and reclaim their winning form. Despite being the underdogs, the team is determined to prove their critics wrong and secure a much-needed victory.


The Seahawks’ recent struggles have placed a spotlight on the team’s performance, prompting tough conversations and public criticism from the head coach. As the season progresses, the players and coaching staff must work together to address issues, regain momentum, and strive for success in the face of adversity.


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