Robyn Brown Opens Up About Struggles in Marriage: Kody’s Attempts to Sabotage Our Relationship Revealed


Robyn Brown Opens Up About Her Marriage to Kody Brown

The Sister Wives One on One specials have been shedding new light on the dynamics of the Brown family. In the latest episode that aired on December 10, Robyn Brown candidly discusses the state of her marriage with Kody Brown. Robyn, 45, reveals that Kody, 54, has been grappling with feelings of anger and self-sabotage as the polygamist lifestyle they once embraced falls apart. In a heart-to-heart with host Sukanya “Suki” Krishnan, Robyn shares the challenging reality of her relationship with Kody.

Robyn’s Revelation

During the interview, Suki asks Robyn about Kody’s behavior, and Robyn doesn’t shy away from the truth. She openly admits that Kody has exhibited self-sabotaging tendencies and that she has had to stop him from going down that path numerous times. This raw and honest revelation provides insight into the struggles within their marriage and highlights the emotional toll it has taken on Robyn.

Kody’s Confession

Surprisingly, Kody himself acknowledges his self-sabotaging behavior and opens up about his struggles with anger. He admits to having picked fights with Robyn over trivial matters, adding further strain to their relationship. He delves into the depths of his emotions, revealing his inner turmoil and self-destructive thoughts. This candid admission sheds light on the complexities of his mindset and the challenges he is grappling with.

The Impact on Their Marriage

Robyn tearfully reveals the toll that Kody’s behavior has taken on their relationship, explaining that they are in vastly different emotional spaces following the upheaval in their family dynamic. She emphasizes the stark contrast in their emotional responses to the situation, highlighting the strain that has arisen as a result. This insight unveils the emotional distance that has emerged between them, underscoring the profound impact of the upheaval on their marriage.

Challenges with Meri Brown

One of the significant points of contention in Robyn and Kody’s marriage revolves around their differing perspectives on their relationship with Meri Brown. Kody’s desire to sever ties with Meri contrasts sharply with Robyn’s efforts to salvage the relationship. This conflicting stance has fueled discord between them, intensifying the strain on their marriage. The differing messages they convey to Meri further exacerbate the underlying tensions, complicating an already delicate situation.

Acknowledging Robyn’s Support

Despite the challenges they face, Kody acknowledges Robyn’s unwavering support for Meri, recognizing her advocacy for the relationship. This acknowledgment shines a light on Robyn’s steadfastness and dedication to maintaining familial bonds, showcasing her commitment to the well-being of the family unit. Kody’s acknowledgement of her efforts serves as a testament to her strength amidst the tumultuous circumstances.


The latest revelations from the Sister Wives One on One specials offer a poignant glimpse into the complex dynamics of Robyn and Kody Brown’s marriage. Their candid expressions of the challenges and emotional upheaval underscore the depth of their struggles, providing an intimate portrayal of the turmoil they face. As the series continues to unravel the intricacies of their relationship, it offers a compelling narrative of the complexities within their marriage and the profound impact of their evolving family dynamics.


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