Rockstar Arrival: Michael Clifford and Wife Celebrate October Birth of Baby Girl


Guitarist Michael Clifford and His Wife Crystal Welcomed a Baby Girl in October

For years, 5 Seconds of Summer guitarist Michael Clifford has been strumming the strings of success in the music industry. Known for their energetic pop-rock anthems and charismatic performances, 5SOS has garnered a massive fan base worldwide. Outside of music, Michael has been happily married since 2021 and tends to keep his personal life fairly private. Who is his wife? The couple made a huge announcement in December 2023. Keep reading for all the details.

Who is Michael Clifford’s wife?

Beyond the electric chords and roaring crowds, there’s a quieter melody that plays in Michael’s life — the love story with his wife, Crystal Leigh. Crystal has been a constant presence in his life, providing a harmonious balance to the rhythm of his rockstar career. Their journey together began in 2016, and the couple tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in 2021. Crystal is an accomplished writer and social media personality. Her vibrant personality and creative spirit have undoubtedly added colorful notes to the soundtrack of Michael’s life. Together, they have embarked on various adventures, and their love story has been a source of inspiration for fans.

Michael and Crystal announced the birth of their daughter.

In December 2023, Michael and Crystal Leigh announced the arrival of their baby girl, Lua Stevie Clifford. She was born on Oct. 30, 2023. The couple’s decision to delay the announcement allowed them to savor the private joy of Lua’s arrival before sharing it with the world. Crystal expressed gratitude for the support they received during the birth. She said, “It was such an intimate moment, and we’re so glad we were able to have great people to help us through.” Michael added, “Crystal labored for over 24 hours, and I was doing everything I could to try and help, but she was such a trooper.” The emotional journey didn’t escape Michael’s reflective gaze as he confessed, “It’s absolutely incredible what you see your partner go through during this process, and I am forever humbled by the experience.” The couple’s love and admiration for each other during this transformative moment echo the sentiments of many parents who have walked a similar path. Their love, once the backdrop to energetic guitar riffs and pulsating beats, now takes center stage in the lullabies they sing to Lua. And for Michael and Crystal, it marks the beginning of a beautiful symphony as a family. Lua, the newest addition to their ensemble, will undoubtedly bring love and warmth to their world. Congrats to Michael and Crystal on the new addition to their family!


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