Suh Pursues NFL Comeback, Faces NFC Contender Rejection: Report


Former NFL Star Ndamukong Suh Seeks Reunion, but Faces Rejection

The well-travelled defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, previously with the Los Angeles Rams, continues his search for an NFL team in 2023. Having played for three different contenders in his last three stops, Suh expressed his interest in reuniting with the Detroit Lions, but faced rejection. Terry Foster, a former Detroit News columnist, revealed in an interview on the Woodward Heavyweights podcast that Suh had reached out to the Lions expressing his desire to return. However, the Lions shut down the potential reunion, indicating that old wounds still linger and that they believe Suh didn’t fit in with the new culture of the team.

Suh’s Interest in the Lions

According to Foster, Suh had initially reached out to the Lions along with several other teams, demonstrating his keenness to play for Detroit once again. Suh has been seen in Detroit frequently over the last few months, signaling his renewed interest in the community and the team. Foster also mentioned that Suh sees the current Lions team as a confident and winning group and believes that he could contribute as a rotational defensive tackle, playing 20 to 25 snaps per game.

The Lions’ Response

Despite Suh’s interest, the Lions firmly shut down any possibility of a reunion. Foster indicated that the team’s perspective revolves around the belief that Suh’s previous demeanor didn’t align with the new culture they are trying to establish. During his five-season stint with the Lions, Suh garnered attention both for his on-field prowess as an All-Pro but also for his behavior that resulted in fines and suspensions. It seems that the negative perceptions from Suh’s time with the Lions still loom large, leading to the rejection of his proposed return.

Rams Prove Suh Isn’t Essential

While Suh sought to return to the Lions, his former team, the Los Angeles Rams, seem to be managing just fine without him. Rookie Kobie Turner has emerged as a significant player on the defensive line, impacting the game in ways that suggest an absence of necessity for an additional defensive lineman like Suh. Turner’s impact has been felt in multiple aspects of the game, from tackles and sacks to bolstering the pass rush, reinvigorating the Rams’ defense. Suh’s absence is proving inconsequential, and Turner’s performance is making a strong case for the Rams to move forward without him.

Wrapping Up

The ongoing saga of Ndamukong Suh’s search for an NFL team and his attempt to return to the Detroit Lions reflects the complex nature of professional sports and the lasting impact of a player’s legacy. The fact that the Lions rejected the potential reunion with Suh while he continues to seek a place in the league speaks volumes about the many factors involved in such decisions, including a team’s culture and ongoing roster strategies.


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