Suranne Jones opens up about work-life balance and overcoming anxiety in Vigil character Amy


Suranne Jones Opens Up About Her Vigil Character, Amy Silva

Suranne Jones recently spoke at a Q&A event ahead of the release of Vigil series two at the BFI in November. During the event, the actress revealed the striking similarities between herself and her character, Amy Silva. Suranne disclosed that both she and Amy are constantly trying to balance their work and personal lives, as well as dealing with issues of anxiety. She further expressed her deep connection to the role, emphasizing her personal experiences of wanting to prove herself, feeling a sense of responsibility, and having to find a balance between her career and personal life. As she shared her insights, it became evident that Suranne’s real-life struggles and triumphs closely mirror those of her on-screen counterpart, Amy Silva.

The Personal Connection

When asked about her relationship with her character, Suranne candidly explained, “Being a woman who constantly wants to prove herself, feels a responsibility of many people. When we’re out filming and there’s huge crews that are doing lots for us, I think Amy and I share that.” She continued to highlight the commonalities they share, including the experience of balancing career and family life, as well as navigating the challenges of anxiety. Suranne’s ability to authentically bring these personal elements into her portrayal of Amy enriches the character and adds depth to the storyline. Moreover, her openness about the struggles she and Amy face resonates with audiences on a profound level.

Off-Screen Friendship and On-Screen Dynamics

Turning the focus to her co-star Rose Leslie, who plays her on-screen partner Kirsten Longacre, Suranne spoke about their off-screen friendship and the influence it has on their on-screen chemistry. Their genuine camaraderie and mutual understanding of each other’s personal experiences transpire into the portrayal of their characters’ relationship. Additionally, as the new series delves into the dangerous world of warfare, the dynamics between Amy and Kirsten are primed to evolve and intensify, reflecting the complexities of their personal and professional lives. This intersection of real-life connections and on-screen narratives promises an engaging and emotionally resonant viewing experience for the audience.

Series Two Insight

In series two of Vigil, Amy and Kirsten find themselves embroiled in a high-stakes investigation following mysterious deaths at a Scottish military facility. The storyline unfolds with a British Air Force weapons test gone awry, leading Amy to navigate the treacherous waters of international conflict. As she confronts the fallout of the fateful test, she is propelled into a riveting narrative that tests her resolve and integrity. Moreover, the strain on her relationship with Kirsten, who is grappling with the challenges of pregnancy, adds a layer of emotional complexity and urgency to the unfolding events.

Exploring Relationships and Responsibilities

Rose Leslie emphasized the intricate portrayal of Amy and Kirsten’s relationship, particularly how the impending arrival of Kirsten’s child profoundly impacts their dynamic. The portrayal of the couple’s professional commitments, personal aspirations, and evolving family dynamics promises to be a central theme that highlights the multi-faceted nature of their relationship. Their journey as a couple navigating the complexities of their careers and growing family lays the foundation for compelling storytelling, grounded in the genuine experiences and challenges that resonate with many viewers.

Continued Engagement and Excitement

As Vigil continues to captivate audiences, the magnetic performances of Suranne Jones and the ensemble cast promise an unmissable viewing experience. With its intricate character dynamics, pulse-pounding narrative, and thematic richness, series two is poised to further enthrall and challenge its dedicated viewers. Suranne and Rose’s commitment to authentically channeling the complexities of their characters’ lives and relationships ensures that the stakes are higher, the drama is more intense, and the emotional resonance is deeply impactful.


In conclusion, Suranne Jones’s candid revelations about her personal connections to her character, Amy Silva, offer a compelling insight into the deeply resonant storytelling at the heart of Vigil. As series two unfolds, viewers can anticipate a riveting exploration of relationships, responsibilities, and the profound impact of personal and professional conflicts. With Suranne and Rose’s unwavering commitment to bringing their characters to life, Vigil promises to deliver an immersive and emotionally charged viewing experience that will leave a lasting impression.


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