Surprising Discovery: High School Students Lack Analog Clock Reading Skills!


In a recent viral TikTok post, high school English teacher Amber (@amber.marie44) expressed her shock and disbelief after discovering that some of her high school students were unable to tell time on an analog clock. This revelation led her to question whether the skill of reading an analog clock was slowly falling out of fashion in schools, similar to the declining emphasis on cursive writing. Amber’s TikTok video garnered over 824,000 views, sparking a conversation about the educational curriculum and the importance of teaching this fundamental skill.

According to Amber, the incident occurred when she noticed a student using their phone to check the time during class. When she pointed out the clock on the wall, the student responded by saying they couldn’t read it. To her surprise, nearly half of the class admitted that they also struggled to tell time on an analog clock. This prompted Amber to pause her lesson and dedicate time to teaching her students how to read a clock, prioritizing this life skill over their scheduled English lesson.

Amber’s experience raised important questions about the education system and the teaching of fundamental life skills. She emphasized the significance of ensuring that students are equipped with essential knowledge, such as reading an analog clock, before they enter the world as adults. Her video sparked a discussion among viewers, with many expressing their disbelief and concern over the apparent lack of teaching in this area.

Some viewers suggested incorporating clock-related questions in future exams to test students’ understanding, while others questioned the role of parents in teaching their children such crucial life skills. Additionally, several viewers shared their memories of learning to tell time and expressed their surprise at the notion that students today may not possess this knowledge.

The incident brought to light the impact of technological advancements, such as smartphones, on individuals’ ability to tell time on an analog clock. With digital devices offering instant time-reading capabilities, the need for traditional clock-reading skills may be diminishing. However, the importance of teaching these skills remains relevant, as evidenced by Amber’s students’ lack of understanding.

The conversation sparked by Amber’s TikTok video reflects the ongoing shifts in educational priorities and the impact of technology on traditional learning. It also serves as a reminder of the essential life skills that should be imparted to students to ensure their preparedness for the future.

In conclusion, the viral TikTok video shared by high school teacher Amber shed light on the surprising lack of knowledge among some students regarding how to read an analog clock. This revelation sparked a discussion about the evolving educational landscape, the impact of technology, and the significance of teaching fundamental life skills. As educators and parents, it is imperative to prioritize the teaching of essential skills to equip the next generation for success in a rapidly changing world.


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