Courageous Great Pyrenees Nominated for Award After Defending Against 11 Coyotes – A Remarkable Feat!


Meet Casper: The Great Pyrenees Fighting for the Title of “Dog of the Year”

Casper, the heroic Great Pyrenees who made headlines last year after battling a pack of coyotes to protect a flock of sheep, has become a finalist for the prestigious “Farm Dog of the Year: People’s Choice Pup” competition. The American Farm Bureau is hosting the competition, and Casper is one of five finalists vying for the title. The competition celebrates the invaluable contributions of farm dogs in supporting farmers and ranchers across America in producing nutritious food for families and their pets.

Casper’s owner, John Wierwille, described the 3-year-old pup as a hamburger-loving and affectionate dog with a knack for patrolling and guarding. He emphasized Casper’s intelligence, affection, and exceptional skills in protecting his flock of sheep. Despite his seemingly ordinary nature, Casper’s extraordinary dedication to protecting the animals he guards has earned him a nomination for the People’s Choice Pup award.

The Viral Story of Casper’s Heroic Fight

Casper’s fame skyrocketed after an incident last year where he fearlessly fought off a pack of coyotes to protect his flock. As a livestock guardian dog for the Wierwilles’ business, Casper is responsible for protecting the sheep from predators such as coyotes, foxes, and owls. During a confrontation with a group of coyotes, Casper displayed unmatched courage and strength, single-handedly taking down several of the predators over a two-day battle.

The Aftermath and Road to Recovery

While Casper’s heroic act undoubtedly earned him recognition, it also took a toll on his physical and mental well-being. Following the intense encounter, Casper had to undergo a lengthy recovery at the LifeLine Animal Clinic, where he received essential care and attention. Despite the challenges, Casper’s resilience and determination to protect the animals he guards became an inspiration.

The Competition and Call for Support

As Casper competes for the title of “People’s Choice Pup,” the Wierwille family is rallying support for their beloved dog. They believe that Casper’s unwavering loyalty and determination to protect the animals he guards set him apart from the other contenders. They hope that the public recognizes and resonates with Casper’s exceptional qualities and votes in his favor.

The contenders for the title have all contributed significantly to farm life in their respective ways, showcasing the diverse roles and capabilities of farm dogs. Although they didn’t advance in the overall Farm Dog of the Year contest, their compelling stories have captured the attention and admiration of many.

The voting for the “Farm Dog of the Year: People’s Choice Pup” contest is open until December 20. The winner will be determined by online public voting and will be recognized at the American Farm Bureau Federation Convention in January 2024. The victorious pup will also take home a cash prize of $1,000.

Celebrate Casper’s Heroism

Casper’s journey exemplifies the remarkable bond between farm dogs and the animals they protect. His resilience, bravery, and unwavering dedication have touched the hearts of many. As Casper competes for the title of “People’s Choice Pup,” let’s celebrate his heroism and support him in his pursuit of the prestigious award.

Remember to cast your vote on the Farm Bureau’s website and help honor an extraordinary dog who has proven his dedication to safeguarding his flock. Let Casper’s story inspire and remind us of the invaluable role that farm dogs play in ensuring the safety and well-being of farm animals. Join in recognizing and celebrating Casper’s extraordinary contributions as he competes for the title of “Dog of the Year.”


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