Donald Trump Ridiculed After Backtracking on Testifying in New York Trial


Donald Trump’s Decision Against Testifying at Civil Fraud Trial Sparks Social Media Backlash

Former U.S. President Donald Trump’s recent decision to forego testifying for a second time at his New York civil fraud trial has ignited a firestorm of criticism on social media. Trump’s announcement on his Truth Social platform that he had already testified “VERY SUCCESSFULLY & CONCLUSIVELY” in November and therefore saw no need to appear again was met with widespread mockery from his detractors.

Trump’s Legal Defense and Response From Critics

In response to Trump’s decision, his counsel, Christopher Kise, asserted that the testimony provided by Trump and other witnesses had effectively demonstrated the conservative nature of the financial statements in question and the absence of issues raised by the banks. Kise further cited the unreasonable pursuit of Trump by Attorney General Letitia James as justification for Trump’s refusal to testify further.

However, critics wasted no time in lambasting Trump following his announcement. Ben Meislas, co-founder of MeidasTouch, labeled the former president as a “coward,” while MSNBC host Katie Phang accused Trump of “chickening out” of his own defense.

Reactions from Commentators and Legal Experts

Not all responses to Trump’s decision were scathing, with legal expert Harry Litman opining that refraining from testifying was the “smarter decision.” However, George Conway, a conservative lawyer, posted a GIF of a chicken in apparent derision of Trump’s choice.

Public Opinion on Social Media

A variety of opinions surfaced on social media, with some individuals commending the Trump team for their strategic move, while others derided Trump as a coward and a traitor. The social media backlash mirrored the polarized views surrounding Trump’s legal battles.

Analysis of Trump’s Strategy

Trump’s reversal on testifying came shortly after his attorney, Alina Habba, advised him to abstain from appearing, a decision that was further amplified by the legal expert Harry Litman. This strategic move has drawn both support and criticism, reflecting the deep divisions surrounding Trump and his legal challenges.


Trump’s refusal to testify for a second time in his New York civil fraud trial has sparked intense reactions on social media, with critics questioning his motives and labeling him a coward. The decision reflects the ongoing battle between Trump and his detractors, underscoring the entrenched divisions in contemporary politics.


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