Elon Musk Urged to Gift the Incredible Tesla Cybertruck to YouTuber Marques Brownlee – Social Media Buzzes with Excitement!


Elon Musk Urged to Gift Marques Brownlee a Tesla Cybertruck by MrBeast

MrBeast, the renowned YouTuber known for his challenges and philanthropic efforts, recently made an appeal to Tesla CEO Elon Musk. In a tweet on the platform X (formerly known as Twitter), MrBeast urged Musk to gift American YouTuber Marques Brownlee a Tesla Cybertruck. This request has sparked a wave of reactions from fans and followers of both MrBeast and Brownlee.

MrBeast’s Plea to Elon Musk

Marques Brownlee, also known as MKBHD, is a prominent American YouTuber recognized for his technology-focused content and podcast, ‘Waveform.’ With an extensive following of 17.9 million subscribers on his main channel and billions of total video views, Brownlee is a significant figure in the online community. On his recent birthday, MrBeast took to X to suggest Elon Musk gift Brownlee a Cybertruck, stating, “I think to celebrate Elon should give you a cyber truck.”

MrBeast wants Marques Brownlee to get cybertruck as a present (mkbhd/Instagram
Marques Brownlee is a YouTuber and skilled ultimate frisbee player (@mkbhd/Instagram)

Reactions from the Internet

Following MrBeast’s plea for Musk to present a Tesla Cybertruck to Brownlee as a birthday gift, numerous users came forward to convey their opinions. Some expressed enthusiasm at the idea, while others highlighted Musk’s stance on not giving freebies, even to well-known personalities. The suggestion has triggered discussions and debates within the online community.


MrBeast’s call to Elon Musk for gifting a Cybertruck to Marques Brownlee has set the online sphere abuzz with varied reactions. While some are in favor of the proposal, others point out Musk’s previous statements on not giving freebies. The outcome of this interaction remains to be seen, but it has undoubtedly sparked widespread engagement and discussions on social media.


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