Eric Stonestreet’s Unforgettable Today Show Debut Causes a Stir


Eric Stonestreet’s Bizarre Today Show Appearance Turns Heads

Eric Stonestreet is raising eyebrows after his appearance on the “Today with Hoda and Jenna” show. The actor’s behavior on the show had people questioning whether his health was okay. Stonestreet is best known for playing Cameron Tucker on “Modern Family,” and in the past, he’s shared health updates with the public.

Proactive Approach to Health

In September 2023, the actor opened up about how his family has suffered from geographic atrophy, an age-related eye disease that causes vision loss, which Stonestreet revealed he was more prone to, per Astellas. He shared, “Knowing that GA runs in the family is why I am proactive about seeing my doctor for regular eye exams, and my mom regularly visits her eye doctor to stay on top of her AMD.” Stonestreet obviously knows the importance of keeping up with health issues, which are bound to come with age. However, the actor has had a positive mindset when it comes to aging and health. Even though he does experience pain with age, Stonestreet does his best to take on life. He shared with Prevention, “Everyone talks about waking up and there’s something that hurts, and I can’t say that I’m not experiencing that and I don’t enjoy that.”

The Today Show Incident

Eric Stonestreet appeared on the “Today with Hoda and Jenna” show to promote his current Disney+ series, “The Santa Clauses.” But it’s not the new TV show that has everyone talking as much as it is Stonestreet’s behavior on the morning show. During the interview, the hosts teased his upcoming interview before cutting to a commercial, and they showed the “Modern Family” actor waving to the camera, per Page Six. However, Stonestreet started to wave with excitement, but that quickly turned into him wincing in pain and puffing out air.

Fans Voice Concern

Fans voiced their worry about Stonestreet’s behavior on social media. One user on X (formerly known as Twitter) suggested that the “Modern Family” actor was crying before the interview. Although fans had different theories as to what was going on with Stonestreet, the actor decided to clear up all the rumors after his appearance on “Today with Hoda and Jenna.”

A Comedic Explanation

Eric Stonestreet said it himself: He always tries to be funny no matter the circumstances. He is a comedic actor, after all. In his interview with Prevention, he explained, “I wake up every day and try to be as fun and goofy and impromptu as I possibly can.” While he’s constantly making people laugh with his jokes and acts, his latest apparent attempt at a joke on “Today with Hoda and Jenna” only made people concerned about his health.

After fans expressed their worries about the actor’s appearance on the morning show, Stonestreet decided to address all the speculation about how he appeared to be in pain. In response to an outlet talking about how he looked uncomfortable and aching in discomfort, he tweeted, “Or…and go with me here…….I was just doing a bit about having to wave at the camera awkwardly alone for 10 seconds. Lordy Lordy people. @hodakotb @TODAYshow.”

On the show, Stonestreet was waving for a long period of time, so he tried to make a joke out of it. But while the actor was attempting to pull a gag on viewers, it obviously didn’t land the way he may have wanted it to. Still, fans are relieved that Stonestreet is doing well and was just trying to be his usual comedic self.


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