Kanye West’s Controversial Tribute to Backstreet Boys Sparks Debate


The Unlikely Collaboration of Kanye West and the Backstreet Boys

Music lovers have been given a collaboration they didn’t know they needed with Kanye “Ye” West teasing a new song that sampled a Backstreet Boys hit. A video shared on the X, formerly Twitter, by PopGrave on December 10 showed West dropping the song as fans watched on. It is implied that the figure in the video, almost completely covered in a white outfit by the music deck, is West, with a room full of people standing around as the song plays. Titled Everybody, the song pays homage to the 1997 popular song Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) by the five-piece group that consisted of Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, AJ McLean, Brian Littrell, and Kevin Richardson.

A Teaser of Everybody

The Backstreet Boys’ song lyrics set to West’s beats include “Everybody, yeah/Rock your body, yeah,” and “Oh, my God, we’re back again.” PopGrave captioned the video: “Kanye West plays new song ‘Everybody’ which samples Backstreet Boys.” At the time this article was published, it had been viewed over 495,000 times by social media users.

Anticipation for the Album

The song is to be released on his upcoming album, which is a collaboration with artist Ty Dolla $ign. A fan commented on the video: “That Kanye West Backstreet Boys joint is gonna be crazy.” “@kanyewest that Backstreet Boys sample go crazy frfr [for real],” a second added. The song has proven to be catchy for many listeners, with comments such as “Love or hate the guy he knows how to make music” and “I hate him so much for making want to listen to this…over and over” were conveyed online.

Speculation and Observations

A fan of the original declared: “Kanye West plays a sample of Backstreet Boys song with different drums and Kanye fans are acting like they’ve never heard music before.” An onlooker commented on the crowd’s body language in the video: “Everybody’s in the crowd looking like they’re waiting for it to get good…” “Make it stop,” one social media user jabbed. Some spectators have commented to say they believe the full version, once released, will feature lyrics and verses by West, and the part released at present was just a snippet of what was to come.

Lead-Up to the Tease

This video followed a tease of the tune, which was also shared across social media just a few days beforehand. In a 12-second clip, his Everybody song plays as West walks out onto a balcony with a city landscape in the background. He can be seen wearing a jacket with the word “Vultures” on the back. Vultures is also the name of another song on the album that was released a few weeks ago. Newsweek contacted the Backstreet Boys’ publicist via email for comment.


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