Missed Opportunity: Bills Tight End Regrets Not Seeing Taylor Swift Walk By


Buffalo Bills Tight End Dalton Kincaid: A Taylor Swift Fan

Buffalo Bills tight end Dalton Kincaid has gained attention not just for his on-field performance, but also for his admiration of pop star Taylor Swift. Despite being deeply engrossed in the Buffalo Bills playbook during his rookie summer, Kincaid made time to listen to Swift’s new album and even picked a favorite song from it: the single “Enchanted.” His passion for Taylor Swift’s music became a topic of interest, especially when his team faced off against the Kansas City Chiefs, home to Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce. This led to the anticipation of a potential encounter between Kincaid and Swift, who is known to attend Kelce’s games. However, Kincaid’s chance to meet her slipped through his fingers when he missed her entrance to the stadium, leaving him “deeply lamenting” the missed opportunity.

A Missed Opportunity

Shortly before the Bills ran out on the field, Swift arrived at the stadium and walked by the players. As she passed, a couple of players appeared to take notice, but Kincaid—who could be seen near the back of the line—was not one of them. Bills beat writer Katherine Fitzgerald of the Buffalo News noted after the game that Kincaid was disappointed he didn’t see Swift when she walked past. Nonetheless, Kincaid maintained a positive outlook and even joked about a potential song being written about the game, despite missing the chance to meet the pop star.

A Swift-Related Souvenir

Even though Kincaid didn’t get to meet Taylor Swift, he did come away with a Swift-related souvenir from the game. The 24-year-old exchanged jerseys with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce after the match, labelling the experience as “pretty cool” and displaying his excitement despite his missed opportunity to encounter Swift. Notably, Kincaid and Kelce had connected during the summer at Tight End University, where Kelce expressed his desire to make the event memorable with friendship bracelets, a gesture inspired by Taylor Swift’s actions. This connection demonstrates Kincaid’s admiration for both Swift and his NFL peers, showcasing a unique blend of interests within the world of professional sports.

The Game and Beyond

Beyond the buzz surrounding Taylor Swift and his interactions with Kelce, Kincaid’s performance during the game is noteworthy. Despite the missed opportunity to meet Swift, Kincaid caught five passes for 21 yards on Sunday, contributing to the Bills’ 7-6 season record. In contrast, Kelce recorded six catches for 83 yards in a game that saw the Chiefs fall to 8-5. This performance on the field highlighted Kincaid’s talents and contributions to the team, adding depth to his story beyond the off-field excitement.

Connecting Uncommon Interests

Despite the focus on his admiration for Taylor Swift, Kincaid’s story underscores the ways in which professional athletes can connect over unexpected common interests. His bond with Kelce over the summer, as well as their subsequent exchange of jerseys and shared memories, showcases the human side of the game. Moreover, their mutual appreciation for Taylor Swift and the creative inspiration they drew from her actions create a compelling narrative that extends beyond the football field.


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