Outrage sparked as antisemitic mob screams ‘genocide’ outside Jewish-owned store in Philly


The recent incident of an antisemitic mob targeting a Jewish-owned falafel store in Philadelphia has sparked outrage and condemnation across social media platforms. The incident, which involves the Goldie restaurant chain owned by Israeli-born chef Mike Solomonov, has raised concerns about rising antisemitism and bigotry in the city. The mob was captured on video chanting threatening slogans outside the restaurant, and even went so far as to vandalize the front windows with stickers that read “Free Palestine” and “This is Genocide.”

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro, who himself is Jewish, was quick to denounce the antisemitic mob’s actions as a blatant act of hate and bigotry. He expressed his support for Solomonov and his restaurant, and emphasized the need to stand against such acts of intolerance. Shapiro’s response reflects a broader sentiment of condemnation from across the political spectrum, with many individuals and organizations speaking out against the disturbing demonstration.

The incident in Philadelphia is just one example of the concerning rise in antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiments that have been observed in various parts of the country. Calls for a violent revolt against Israel, or an “intifada,” have been reported in the vicinity of the University of Pennsylvania, further highlighting the extent of the issue.

The videos of the demonstrations have garnered immense social media attention, with users expressing their outrage and concern over the mob’s threatening behavior. Many have condemned the protests as mindless and counterproductive, while others have called for increased security measures to prevent such incidents from escalating further.

In conclusion, the recent incident in Philadelphia serves as a sobering reminder of the need to combat antisemitism and bigotry in all its forms. It is important for individuals and authorities to stand in solidarity against such acts of hate and to protect the rights and safety of all members of the community. Only through collective action and a commitment to tolerance and understanding can we hope to address and overcome the challenges posed by discrimination and intolerance.


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