RHOSLC Star Monica Garcia Fearlessly Confronts Trolls Sharing Her Mugshots Over Minor Traffic Violation


Monica Garcia of ‘RHOSLC’ Fires Back at Online Trolls

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH: Monica Garcia of ‘RHOSLC’ recently fired back at online trolls who aimed at her by sharing images of her recent mug shots. The reality star had been arrested for a seemingly minor $100 traffic violation, which unexpectedly escalated to a warrant for her arrest. Facing the backlash and attempts to tarnish her image, Monica took to social media to assert that she wouldn’t accept responsibility for actions she hadn’t committed.

In a bold move, she encouraged people to stand up for themselves and take accountability only for things they genuinely had done. “DO NOT LET ANYONE TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE!!!!! EVER. Your past does not define you and YOU control your story. I have no problem taking accountability for my s**t, but what I will not do is take “accountability” for things that I did not do. There is a difference. HUGE,” she wrote on her Instagram.

Taking a dig at people who are trying to ‘expose’ her with her mugshot images, she wrote, “People are hella bent on “exposing” me, but baby, I STAY exposing MYSELF. I don’t need anyone to do that for me. I’ve been screaming this from the rooftops from day one, but I will say it again!”

She added that people need to learn how to not let their past break them. “Not a person out there that can take my past and try to break me with it. I’ll own it all. I hope this shows you all that there is NO TABLE you do not belong at and NO FUTURE that you do not deserve. PERIOD. You belong and forget the ones that try to make you feel otherwise,” she added.

Monica Garcia’s Controversial Revelations

In a later episode, Monica dropped a bombshell, revealing an 18-month-long affair with her brother-in-law. She embraced honesty and realness, even if it came with a side of discomfort. It’s safe to say things got complicated. The scandalous affair resulted in Monica’s excommunication from the Mormon Church.

Challenges in Her Personal Relationships

The ‘RHOSLC’ star felt a deep sense of betrayal from her mother, who appeared to align with other women instead of supporting her daughter. Monica expressed her disappointment, stating, “She cared more about having fun and dancing and talking to the men than dealing with what was going on with us. She absolutely sided with them.” In an interview with TooFab at BravoCon, Garcia disclosed that her relationship with her mom hasn’t improved; they’re currently not speaking.

Despite the on-camera family drama, Monica maintains a positive perspective. Reflecting on watching the latest episode, she shared, “It was hard. Honestly, I obviously cried. Seeing it play back was a wild, out-of-body experience. It was also therapeutic and gave me closure in a weird way as well.” Monica believes that being on the show didn’t worsen their relationship; instead, it shed light on pre-existing issues. “It’s been hard to watch it back, but it’s also been very eye-opening,” she added.

Relationship Update: Monica Garcia’s Divorce

In June 2023, Monica once again filed for divorce from Mike. The divorce proceedings reached their conclusion, and the divorce was officially finalized on October 24, 2023.

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