Sunak’s Battle with Tory Rebels over Rwanda Plan: The Last Days


Rishi Sunak in Stand-off with Conservative MPs Over Deportation Law to Rwanda

Rishi Sunak is facing a tense stand-off with Conservative MPs as they push for changes to his new law aimed at ensuring migrants can be deported to Rwanda. Right-wing backbenchers are concerned that the legislation may not be robust enough to prevent the courts from blocking deportation flights. Their opposition to the bill has raised the possibility of a humiliating defeat for the Prime Minister.

Resistance from Right-wing MPs

The right-wing MPs argue that the new legislation does not provide sufficient measures to prevent the courts from interfering in deportation flights to Rwanda. They have threatened to vote against the bill in the Commons, presenting a potential challenge for the Prime Minister. The resistance from the Conservative backbenchers has put pressure on the government on various fronts, sparking concerns about the future of the government.

Centrist Support for the Bill

Despite the opposition from right-wing MPs, Rishi Sunak received support from the centrist “One Nation” caucus, who agreed to back the Safety of Rwanda Bill. The centrist MPs’ endorsement of the legislation comes at a crucial time for Mr. Sunak as he faces challenges from other factions within his party.

Looming Defeat or Tougher Legislation?

If the 29 right-wing MPs join the Opposition in voting against the bill, the Prime Minister may face a significant setback, leading to potential revisions to the law. The government has been at odds with the right-wing backbenchers, with some suggesting that the bill is unworkable in its current form and requires radical changes. The potential defeat in the Commons could force the government to reconsider its approach to the Rwanda deportation policy.

Legal Challenges and Government’s Response

The government has been dogged by legal challenges against the legislation, with concerns raised about the effectiveness of the bill in addressing court objections. Despite repeated assertions from the ministers that the legislation will be effective, a “star chamber” of legal advisers has criticized the bill, stating that it does not go far enough to deliver the intended policy. The government’s publication of legal advice in support of the bill has drawn mixed reactions from various legal and political groups.

Implications for the Future

Even if the bill successfully secures the “second reading” vote, the Prime Minister is likely to face further challenges with amendments and resistance from within his party. The looming prospect of repeated showdowns in the new year poses significant challenges for Rishi Sunak and the government, with potential threats from both the left and the right. The outcome of the vote will have far-reaching implications for government policy and the future of migrant deportation laws.


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