Sunak’s Showdown: Final Days with Tory Rebels over Rwanda Plan


Rishi Sunak Faces Showdown with Conservative MPs Over Proposed Rwanda Deportation Law

Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, is currently embroiled in a tense standoff with Conservative MPs in the wake of their call for him to abandon the introduction of a new law aimed at facilitating the deportation of migrants to Rwanda. The proposed legislation has sparked division among right-wing backbenchers, who argue that it lacks the necessary robustness to prevent the courts from impeding further deportation flights. The impending vote on the bill scheduled for Tuesday has now become a battleground for the Prime Minister’s political survival, as a significant number of MPs have expressed their intention to vote against it.

Conservative MPs’ Opposition

The right-wing backbenchers have expressed doubts about the capability of the proposed law to withstand judicial scrutiny, fearing that it may fail to prevent court interference in deportation proceedings. Their concerns focus on the potential for the bill’s provisions to be weakened or blocked by legal challenges, leading to the necessity for tougher measures to secure its passage.

Critical Stance and Warnings

Amidst the growing opposition within his party, Rishi Sunak is facing warnings that the Government is in peril, with some comparing the situation to the final days of the current administration. As pressure mounts from various quarters, the Prime Minister finds himself dealing with a potential internal rebellion that threatens the outcome of the crucial bill vote.

Support from the “One Nation” Caucus

Despite the escalating tensions, Rishi Sunak received a measure of support when the centrist “One Nation” caucus of MPs announced their backing for the Safety of Rwanda Bill. This endorsement comes despite the legislation’s contentious clauses which override certain human rights laws, signaling an internal divide within the Conservative Party on the issue.

Argument for Legal Effectiveness

In defense of the proposed legislation, the Government has underscored its perceived effectiveness in addressing the objections raised by judges, emphasizing the potential risk of jeopardizing the delicate diplomatic agreement with Rwanda if the bill were to be amended further. Legal advice and expert opinions have been cited in support of the measures outlined in the bill, emphasizing the importance of demonstrating Rwanda as a safe destination for relocated individuals.

Challenges and Warnings of Ineffectiveness

However, a “star chamber” of legal advisors to the pro-Brexit European Research Group (ERG) has raised significant concerns about the proposed legislation, highlighting its perceived insufficiency in achieving the intended policy objectives. The conclusion of the legal advisors and the warnings from former Cabinet ministers have cast doubts on the bill’s ability to deliver the desired outcomes, adding weight to the opposition’s arguments for reevaluation and revision.


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