Urgent Recall: Tobacco Product Contamination Sparks Safety Concerns Across 18 States


Chewing Tobacco Recall: Potential Metal Contamination Concerns

A brand of chewing tobacco sold in numerous states has been recalled over potential metal contamination concerns, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in a new alert. The recall was voluntarily initiated by American Snuff Company (ASC) after conducting checks on its product at a facility in Clarksville, Tennessee. Chewing tobacco sold as Kodiak Premium Wintergreen Longcut Tobacco was found to potentially contain foreign metal contamination that may or may not be visible to consumers, the results of an abrasion issue with the machinery used in the production process. The company is now cooperating with the FDA on the recall.

Manufacturing Equipment Issue

The recall was a result of identifying an issue with manufacturing equipment during routine inspection that caused metal-to-metal abrasion. This abrasion could have caused metal shavings to come into contact with tobacco during the manufacturing process.

Recalled Products and Affected States

The recalled products have been sold in 18 states, including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Wisconsin, and West Virginia.

Company Response and Actions

To date, ASC has not received any complaints from customers or reports of injuries caused by metals in the recalled product. The company has also stressed that none of its other smokeless tobacco products have been affected by this recall. ASC has instructed wholesalers and retailers to segregate the recalled Kodiak Premium Wintergreen Longcut Tobacco from their inventories, and the company’s sales representatives are assisting with the return of the product.

Product Codes and Consumer Advisory

ASC provided specific product codes that correspond with the products affected by this recall, visible on the bottom of the cans. Consumers who believe they have a recalled product are urged to contact ASC in order to return the product for a refund, report any adverse events, or submit a complaint.

History of Smokeless Tobacco Recalls

While smokeless tobacco recalls are relatively uncommon compared to other product categories, they are not completely unheard of. In 2017, products sold under different brands were recalled due to metal contamination concerns.


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