Warning Signs in Cardi B and Offset’s Romance That Pointed to Its Inevitable End


The Red Flags in Cardi B and Offset’s Relationship

Cardi B and Offset are officially over, with Cardi B announcing on December 10 that she and Offset have officially parted ways. Despite the unfortunate turn of events, Cardi B also seemed excited about starting 2024 with a fresh slate. The timing of the announcement suggests it may be related to the shocking rumor that Offset cheated on her with fellow rapper Chrisean Rock, perpetuating the long history of red flags and rumors that have hovered over their relationship.

Offset and Cardi B have both been accused of cheating

Over the years, both Offset and Cardi B have faced cheating rumors stemming from various sources. Even when they shared adorable public moments, the couple has been saddled with unfortunate cheating rumors. According to Elle, the couple fielded cheating rumors as far back as 2018, when they were still considered newlyweds. Cardi B even filed to divorce Offset in 2020 because of the supposed cheating, though she didn’t go through with it. Despite Offset often being the one rumored to have stepped out on their marriage, tables turned over the summer of 2023, when Offset accused Cardi B of cheating on him. He later retracted his claims, however.

Did Cardi B have a backup plan?

In June 2023, Cardi B announced that she would easily move on if she and Offset got divorced. She hinted at a new romantic prospect who would also be rich. Earlier in the same year, Cardi B even boasted about her desirability. Despite these public statements, Offset seemed determined to make things work with Cardi B in October, revealing his strategy for getting Cardi B to trust him after being unfaithful. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite enough to save their relationship. Given that Cardi B was publicly pondering divorce over the summer, it’s possible she’d been over the marriage for a long time.

Fans think Offset and Cardi B’s relationship was a publicity stunt

Fans have grown reluctant to buy into Cardi B and Offset’s relationship troubles and have instead accused them of being one giant publicity stunt. Some fans even think Cardi B orchestrated her and Offset’s latest breakup to steal shine from her rap rival, Nicki Minaj, who recently released a new album. However, Cardi B actually denied utilizing deceptive marketing tactics after fans accused the couple of using their relationship trouble to bolster sales for their joint single, “Jealousy.” As the speculation continued, it may have contributed to the stress on their relationship.


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