Yorkshire Alert: Swine flu may spread person to person!


The First UK Case of Swine Flu Variant Causes Concern

Recent reports from the UK Health Security Agency have revealed that an individual over the age of 75 living in North Yorkshire was diagnosed with the Influenza A(H1N2)v virus. This case has sparked concerns as it may have led to some degree of human-to-human transmission, according to a technical assessment by the UKHSA. The infected person suffered from flu-like symptoms but has since recovered. While all close contacts of the individual tested negative for the virus, two people who came into contact with the infected person, including one from their household, experienced symptoms. This has led to the suspicion that limited person-to-person transmission may have occurred, although no virologically confirmed human-to-human transmission has been detected. The investigation into this case involved collaboration with various agencies and institutions, including the Animal and Plant Health Agency, Defra, the Francis Crick Institute, local NHS partners, and the local authority.

Possible Transmission and Investigation

With no direct link or chain of transmission identified between the case and any animal, the UKHSA is conducting tests at local pig farms to detect any traces of the variant. Additionally, blood tests of potentially infected individuals are being conducted, and enhanced surveillance testing is being carried out at various locations. Furthermore, the UKHSA is extending its monitoring of human/animal influenza to a pilot sample of pig farms, a move aimed at enhancing the understanding and control of such cases in the future.

Identifying the Case and Rapid Response

The case of the swine flu variant was first identified through lab testing on 23 November, with the infected person having presented flu-like symptoms two weeks earlier. Dr. Meera Chand, the UKHSA Incident Director, emphasized the importance of flu surveillance and genomic sequencing in identifying and learning more about new viruses. She stated that investigations have not identified any further human cases, emphasizing the sporadic nature of influenza from swine viruses. The rapid work being undertaken by the UKHSA seeks to learn more about the virus, its characteristics, how it may have been acquired, and whether it may have spread to other individuals. Given that the case is the first of its kind in humans in the UK, this ongoing investigation has garnered significant attention from health authorities and the public alike.


The emergence of this new swine flu variant in the UK serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of robust surveillance and quick response in addressing potential health threats. The collaboration between various agencies and institutions, as well as the ongoing efforts to monitor and understand the virus, reflects a proactive approach to public health. As the investigation continues to unfold, the findings will undoubtedly inform future strategies aimed at preventing and managing similar cases.


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