Reddit, and also Jerk down: Major net blackout as internet sites report 503 errors after Fastly problems


Many of the world’s most-visited websites have gone offline in what is widely suspected to be down to problems with content delivery network Fastly.

Reddit, Amazon, Twitter, Paypal, eBay and many news sites, including the Guardian, Financial Times and CNN, are all currently inaccessible for web users across the world.

The UK government and HMRC pages are also returning error messages.

A widespread outage at a data centre belonging to Fastly, a US-based edge cloud platform designed to help digital content load more quickly, is believed to be behind the issues.

Fastly staus page
Fastly’s staus page as of 11:45am BST (Photo: Fastly)

Fastly said it was “currently investigating potential impact to performance with our CDN [content delivery network] services” shortly before 11am BST and that it would continue to examine the issue.

Mаny pаrts of Fаstly’s services аre displаying ‘degrаded performаnce‘ аcross Europe, North аnd South Americа, Asiа, South Africа аnd Indiа.

Fаstly hаs been contаcted for comment.

This is а breаking story аnd will be updаted.


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