A Minecraft user on Reddit creates an amazing floating island


Thousands of players congregate on the Minecraft Reddit page, which is a popular online hub for socializing. On it, everything related to the well-known sandbox game is shared, from beautiful builds to hilarious memes.

Additionally, players can post their builds and structures on a dedicated Reddit page. Many players build various kinds of structures every day because building is one of the game’s main mechanics.

Reddit user ‘u/3exu’ recently shared a picture of their ingenious homemade floating island. The main island, which had a few huts, was connected to several smaller islands that made up different tiers of the breathtaking landscape. A stream of water flows through the island and eventually forms a waterfall.

To further emphasize the build’s beauty, the Redditor used shaders. The player also created custom trees that looked much better than naturally generated trees, demonstrating incredible attention to detail. The huts are made of spruce and dark oak wood and have a conventional appearance.

The top of the island also has a number of pointed boulders that resemble fingers. Overall, it’s amazing to see the floating island.

Response from users to the floating island created in Minecraft

Despite not being the most well-liked page in the community, the Minecraft Builds Reddit page has a few posts that have received a ton of attention and upvotes. One of these posts was the floating island created by “u/3exu,” which in a matter of days received more than 4K upvotes.

The floating island design was a favorite among many Minecraft Redditors. Some people praised the trees for being distinctive and urged the original poster to make the download available to everyone so they could visit the game’s floating island.

Unfortunately, neither the original poster nor the person who constructed the floating island replied to any of the comments.

Some players expressed their gratitude by saying that the build inspired them to restart playing the SkyBlock gamemode in Minecraft.

In the well-known custom gamemode SkyBlock, players begin on a tiny island and must eke out an existence with few resources.

The floating island was compared by other players to other games that have a similar structure. Super Mario Galaxy, Jak and Daxter, and Sekiro were a few of the games mentioned. The users continued to talk about these various games’ features on the thread.

The Minecraft Builds Reddit user who constructed the floating island is a very active player who frequently builds new structures in the sandbox game and posts them there.

The majority of his works include various kinds of mountains and other natural terrain, typically constructed by hand. His posts frequently receive more than a thousand upvotes, demonstrating his popularity on the Reddit page.

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