Cardi B announces separation from Offset after 6 years of marriage


Cardi B Confirms Split from Offset After 6 Years of Marriage

Cardi B has confirmed her split from husband Offset after six years of marriage, revealing the news during an emotional Instagram Live session on Sunday, December 10. The “WAP” rapper, aged 31, opened up about the breakup, stating, “I’ve been single for a minute now, but I have been afraid to like — not afraid, I just don’t know how to tell the world. But I feel like today has been a sign.” Cardi’s candid admission brought an end to a long chapter in their relationship, leaving fans and followers reeling with the unexpected turn of events.

The Revelation

During her Instagram Live, Cardi elaborated on her decision to share the news, expressing, “The last time I got on Live I kind of wanted to tell you guys, but I didn’t know how to tell you, so I changed my mind. But it has been like this for a minute now. I just took it as a sign.” Her heartfelt confession about the challenges she faced in opening up to her fanbase shed light on the complexities of navigating a highly publicized breakup.

New Beginnings

As the conversation unfolded, Cardi also revealed her aspirations for the future, sharing, “I wanna start 2024, like, fresh, open… I’m curious for a new life, for a new beginning. And yeah, I’m excited.” Her optimism for new beginnings offered a glimpse into her resolve to embrace the changes that lay ahead and provided a glimpse of hope amidst the turbulence.

Signs of Strain

News of the breakup came after Cardi and Offset recently unfollowed each other on Instagram, sparking widespread speculation. Furthermore, Cardi’s cryptic posts about “outgrowing relationships” on her Instagram Story and an Instagram Live session in which she spoke about dropping “dead weight” hinted at the underlying discord within their relationship. These incidents highlighted the simmering tensions that eventually led to the couple’s decision to part ways.

A Turbulent History

Cardi and Offset’s relationship has been marked by numerous ups and downs since their marriage in 2017. The couple first split in 2018 following the birth of their daughter Kulture, 5, amid Offset’s admission of infidelity and a public apology. Despite the challenges, they managed to reconcile, calling off their divorce and later welcoming their second child, son Wave, in 2021. Their relationship was further strained by public accusations of infidelity, which Offset later retracted, underscoring the tumultuous nature of their union.

Unveiling the Truth

Offset’s public accusation of Cardi’s infidelity earlier this year added another layer of complexity to their relationship. While he later clarified that the accusation was made in the heat of an argument, the incident highlighted the intensity of their conflicts and the efforts to navigate the intricacies of their dynamic. His candid admission shed light on the challenges of maintaining a high-profile relationship and the need to address both internal and external pressures.


As the news of Cardi B and Offset’s split reverberates, it serves as a reminder of the complexities that underlie relationships in the public eye. Despite the challenges they faced, both individually and as a couple, their decision to part ways reflects a commitment to prioritize their individual growth and well-being. As they navigate this new chapter in their lives, their candidness offers valuable insights into the intricacies of relationships amidst fame and scrutiny.


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