Discover the Journey: Where is Rivers McMillen Now After Troubled Teen Treatment?


Dr. Phil Sent Rivers McMillen to a Troubled Teen Treatment Facility — Where Is He Now?

Dr. Phil is well-known for featuring volatile teens and their families on the show. In an October 2017 episode, viewers were introduced to Rivers McMillen, a troubled teenager who refused to attend school and was abusive to his parents. Sent to a troubled teen facility, many are curious about his whereabouts today.

The Impact of Dr. Phil’s Show

Dr. Phil’s show had a profound impact on its viewers, particularly through its episodes involving struggling teenagers and their parents seeking help. Often, the show’s advice resulted in them sending their children to troubled teen facilities in the hope of finding a solution to their family issues. However, this approach has come under scrutiny due to the experiences of individuals like Paris Hilton, who have spoken about the negative impact of such treatment facilities.

Rivers McMillen’s Troubled Teen Episode

Rivers McMillen’s episode on Dr. Phil aired when he was 15 years old. He exhibited volatile behavior, especially towards his parents. His resistance to attending school and his passion for music led to numerous conflicts within the family. His episode shed light on the challenges faced by both Rivers and his parents, portraying the difficulties they encountered in managing his behavior.

Post-Show Developments

Following his appearance on Dr. Phil, Rivers was sent to a troubled teen facility, a decision that brought both emotional reactions and uncertainty about his future. However, in a surprising turn of events, he reappeared on the show in October 2021, showcasing significant progress in his personal development. He and his father expressed gratitude to Dr. Phil for initiating positive changes in their lives, highlighting Rivers’ achievements since his initial episode.

Rivers’ Current Endeavors

As of now, Rivers has taken significant steps in his personal growth. He has ventured into music, sharing his creations on various social media platforms. His journey from a troubled teenager to his current pursuits is a testament to his determination and resilience. Despite the challenges he faced, he has managed to make a positive impact on his life and pursue his passion for music.


The story of Rivers McMillen’s experience on Dr. Phil serves as a reminder of the complexities surrounding troubled teens and the importance of understanding and addressing their struggles with empathy and support. It also emphasizes the potential for positive growth and transformation, echoing the resilience displayed by individuals like Rivers in overcoming their challenges.


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