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Is Zach Wilson in the Future Plans for the New York Jets?

New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh was asked on Monday, December 11 if quarterback Zach Wilson “can play his way into the plans for 2024, in these last few weeks?” Saleh explained that “anything can happen” and that Wilson needs to focus on being the best version of himself. This statement leaves a lot of speculation about Wilson’s future with the Jets.

Wilson’s Standout Performance

Wilson had the best game of his professional career in Saleh’s opinion. He had an impressive 75% completion percentage, threw for 301 passing yards, had two touchdown passes, zero interceptions, and registered the best QBR of his career (117.9). This performance has left fans wondering if he still has a future with the team.

The Uncertain Future

On Friday, December 8, Doug Robinson of Deseret News revealed in a column that Wilson was already informed that he will be traded by the Jets this offseason. Saleh was asked about this report and instead of squashing it, he left the answer to the Jets’ general manager, Joe Douglas. The uncertainty surrounding Wilson’s future creates a lot of anticipation among fans and pundits alike.

Speculations and Discussions

Saleh’s ambiguous responses have left many analysts speculating about the details of Wilson’s future with the team. Reports and comments from various sources highlight the lack of clarity and add fuel to the discussions about whether Wilson will remain with the Jets or be traded.


As the story continues to develop, the future of Zach Wilson with the New York Jets remains in question. Whether he will play a significant role in the team’s plans for 2024 is still uncertain, and the discussions and speculations surrounding his future only add to the intrigue. Fans will have to wait for further announcements and updates to know the final decision regarding Wilson’s future with the team.


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