Instant Movie Magic: Get Artificial Snow in Seconds on ‘Shark Tank’! Find Out the Cost and Where to Buy for Indoor Winter Wonderland!


Snow in Seconds: Transforming Winter Wonderlands Instantly

Since its inception in 2008, Snow in Seconds has blossomed from a family-run venture in the snowy landscapes of Minnesota, capturing the essence of winter’s charm. In Season 15, Episode 8 of ‘Shark Tank’ titled ‘Holiday Special’, Jonathan Dusing, the founder of Snow in Seconds, is all set to dive into the Tank, seeking investment for his artificial snow product, Snow in Seconds.

What is Snow in Seconds?

Manufactured in the United States, Snow in Seconds stands out for its quality and authenticity, setting it apart from competitors. The defining feature of Snow in Seconds is its remarkable ability to expand up to 100 times its size within seconds. This instant snow convincingly mimics real snow, boasting a texture that is fine like flour yet thicker to the touch.

The secret behind this enchanting product is simple – just add water! With just a quarter cup of water, every teaspoon of Snow in Seconds transforms into a burst of fluffy white snow, creating a winter wonderland instantly. Adding water gradually allows the powder to reach its full expansion potential, ensuring efficiency and optimal snow simulation. The result? Chilly, lifelike snow that feels just like the real thing, but without any mess.

One of Snow in Seconds’ most notable features is its durability. This snow doesn’t melt, lasts several days, and is even reusable. Once it dries, it can be stored in an airtight container for future use. Safe for children, pets, and plants, Snow in Seconds guarantees hassle-free winter fun for the whole family without any harmful effects.

Who is the founder of Snow in Seconds?

Jonathan, who attended Arizona State, operates the company with his family in Minneapolis. In addition to operating the company since 2008, he also owns FanMaker, which creates loyalty programs and websites for professional and collegiate sports teams. With a background in graphic design, Jonathan has been the CEO of FanMaker and Snow in Seconds for 17 and 15 years, respectively.

What is the cost and how to buy Snow in Seconds?

Jonathan’s Snow can be purchased from his website or Amazon, with a kit that produces 10 liters of snow priced at $25. Customers have left reviews praising its quality and versatility for various purposes, from holiday decorations to photo shoots.

Where is Snow in Seconds now?

Proudly established in Minnesota, Snow in Seconds has been a mainstay on the sets of movies and TV shows, including the iconic ‘Hawaii Five-O’. The company has prospered over the years as a family-owned business, offering the ideal winter experience for numerous families around the country.

Final thoughts

Jonathan’s Snow in Seconds offers a truly enchanting winter experience, providing a quick and easy way to transform any space into a snowy paradise. With its potential appearance on ‘Shark Tank’, the brand is poised for even greater success, with the potential to reach an even wider audience and bring joy to more families around the country.

As ‘Shark Tank’ Season 15 airs on ABC, viewers can witness the exciting journey of Snow in Seconds in its quest to capture the hearts and imaginations of winter enthusiasts everywhere.


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