The Chilling Artistry of a Toddler: A Mother’s Genuine Fear of ‘The Ring’ Comes to life in a Creepy Drawing


I’m Genuinely Scared – Is This Creepy Drawing Cause for Concern?

Abbie Herbert, known as @abbieherbert on TikTok, has sparked concern on social media due to her daughter’s eerie drawings that seem to channel the creepy imagery from the popular 2002 horror movie, The Ring. Concerned about her daughter’s unusual artistic choices, Abbie took to TikTok to seek advice and share her unsettling experience. Let’s delve into the chilling details and try to understand what might be behind these hair-raising illustrations.

The Mystique Around Children and the Spirit World

A subreddit on astral projection raised a question about why children appear to be more connected to the spirit world. The theory emerged that due to their lack of a fully formed ego and their proximity to the birth stage of life, children might have a closer tie to a spiritual realm. This intriguing perspective offers a potential explanation for Abbie’s daughter’s unsettling art. It sets the stage for a deeper exploration of the mysterious connection between children and the supernatural.

Channeling ‘The Ring’ – A Spine-Chilling Revelation

Abbie’s TikTok video portrays her genuine fear as she unveils her daughter’s ominous drawings. While her daughter innocently plays in the background, Abbie reveals a collection of macabre artwork featuring emphases on eyes, faces, and other spooky elements. She delves into the details with a mix of apprehension and disbelief, setting the stage for a dramatic reveal that has everyone on edge. The presence of the spine-chilling visuals from The Ring in her daughter’s innocent drawings creates an air of mystery and concern.

The Haunting Artistry Unveiled

Abbie demonstrates her daughter’s fascination with eerie themes, showing how the innocent colorings of pumpkins and cats take an unexpected turn towards the macabre. The safe haven of children’s artistry appears to be a canvas for something altogether darker, leaving viewers, including Abbie herself, deeply unsettled. As she meticulously unfolds her daughter’s iPad gallery, it becomes evident that there’s an eeriness in the simplicity of floating eyeballs on a black canvas. The mystery deepens, and the need for answers becomes increasingly urgent.

A Shocking Discovery at School

As if the eerie drawings at home weren’t alarming enough, Abbie’s world is further shaken when her daughter presents a disturbing piece of art from school. A sheet of red construction paper is revealed, covered in a sea of black circles that seem to form an ominous void in the center. The chilling revelation is capped off with her daughter’s peculiar reaction, leading to an even more intense atmosphere of concern and unease. The mystery behind her daughter’s unsettling artwork takes an unexpected turn, leaving Abbie and her audience searching for answers.

Reassessing the Situation

After the initial shock, it’s important to reassess the situation devoid of sensationalism. Perhaps in a different context, the drawings may not carry the same sinister weight they do now. Abbie’s daughter’s innocent interpretations of art could simply be mistaken for something more foreboding. It’s essential to approach this mystery with an open mind and a careful understanding of childhood creativity and imagination. As the search for answers continues, it’s crucial not to jump to conclusions without a full understanding of the situation.


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