Internet Abuzz Over Huntley’s Powerful Semifinal Performance on ‘The Voice’ Season 24, Critics Say Voice Stole the Show!


Universal City, California was abuzz with excitement during the semi-finals of ‘The Voice’ Season 24 as Lila Forde, Mac Royals, and Huntley performed Taylor Swift’s song ‘Exile,’ featuring Bon Iver. However, fans expressed the opinion that Huntley’s voice overshadowed the others in the performance. The trio shared that staying together at the hotel had strengthened their bond. According to Huntley, “America, you have no idea what you’re about to see,” just before the performance. Huntley started the song with low notes, and then Mac took the lead with his beautiful tenor, followed by Lila’s ascending solo. While fans were divided in their opinions, there was minimal harmony singing throughout the performance. Huntley’s voice was a point of contention for some fans, who expressed disappointment on platforms such as Reddit.

Here’s what we know about the three contestants and their journeys on ‘The Voice’ Season 24:

Huntley, a contestant on ‘The Voice’ Season 24, has had a tumultuous journey in the music industry. After relocating to Nashville to pursue his dreams and facing challenges, he eventually returned to Virginia. In 2016, he welcomed his daughter, followed by the arrival of his son in 2021. Since 2022, he has found success working as a booking agent for bands and performing as a full-time artist around Virginia. Through it all, he remains committed to putting his family first while prioritizing music in his life.

Lila Forde’s musical journey was significantly influenced by her mother, a skilled concert pianist celebrated for her expertise with crystal bowls and classical music. At the USC Thornton School of Music, Lila studied jazz voice and developed a love for songwriting. Currently, she is in the process of recording her first album and frequently performs at private parties, farmers’ markets, and upscale hotels.

Mac Royals, who grew up in the absence of his father, found solace in the strong female role models in his life. He began playing the violin in elementary school and subsequently attended Arkansas Baptist College to seek a degree in music management. After moving to Los Angeles, his talent caught the attention of influential figures such as P Diddy, Andre Harrell, and Stevie Wonder, leading to collaborations. After experiencing the loss of his grandmother and father, Mac was inspired to recommit to his music career and pursue his aspirations vigorously.

The finale of ‘The Voice’ Season 24 is scheduled to be broadcast on NBC at 9 pm ET on December 12th, promising an ultimate showdown among the talented contestants.

In conclusion, the semi-finals of ‘The Voice’ Season 24 showcased the incredible talents of Lila Forde, Mac Royals, and Huntley. While the performance of Taylor Swift’s ‘Exile’ featuring Bon Iver received mixed reviews from fans, the journey and dedication of these contestants are truly inspiring. As they gear up for the finale, it remains to be seen who will emerge as the ultimate winner of ‘The Voice’ Season 24. Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion to this season!


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