James Jordan dishes on Strictly winner and ‘dance disaster’ in semi-final!


James Jordan’s Critique of the Strictly Come Dancing Semi-Finals

James Jordan, the retired professional dancer and host of The Truth, recently shared his thoughts on the Strictly Come Dancing semi-finals that took place over the weekend. During the episode, he discussed each of the dances, offering praise and critique. One couple’s routine, in particular, drew his attention as he labeled it a “dance disaster”. Let’s delve into the details of James Jordan’s critique and his take on the performances.

Evaluating Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola’s Routine

According to James, Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola’s Couple’s Choice routine fell short of expectations. Despite being an advocate for the duo throughout the competition, he expressed disappointment in their performance, describing it as the worst dance by a significant margin. From disliking the music to finding the routine heavy and slow, James didn’t hold back in his assessment. He pointed out messy lifts, transitions, and mistakes, going as far as to assert that it was a detriment to both dancers. His critique extended to the choreography, expressing his dissatisfaction with what he perceived as a lack of Vito’s usual input in the routine.

Couple’s Choice Dilemma

One notable aspect of James’s critique was his vocal disdain for Couple’s Choice as a dance style. He admitted to having previously championed other Couple’s Choice routines during the competition. However, he felt that this particular routine did not do justice to Ellie’s talent. He attributed the subpar performance to potential time constraints that may have hindered the duo from refining the routine to better suit their style, emphasizing that Ellie deserved better.

Contrasting Performances

In contrast to their disappointing Couple’s Choice routine, Ellie and Vito’s initial cha-cha cha received accolades from James. He commended their execution of a challenging dance, highlighting Ellie’s remarkable performance. The disparity between their performances underscored the severity of James’s critique, as he expressed high praise for their earlier routine.

Standout Moments and Performances

Amidst the critique, James also acknowledged standout performances from other contestants. Layton and Nikita’s Charleston routine garnered particular praise, with James deeming it the best dance of the series. He lauded the impeccable execution and considered it a milestone in the show’s history. Bobby and Dianne’s traditional quickstep also earned positive remarks, showcasing the diversity of performances throughout the semi-finals.

Reflecting on the Grand Finale

As the competition approaches its grand finale, James’s critique serves as a testament to the heightened expectations and scrutiny faced by the remaining contestants. While his candid assessment may have sparked debates among viewers, it underscores the significance of each performance as the competition reaches its climax. As the stakes continue to rise, the dancers are tasked with delivering exceptional routines to secure their position in the coveted finale.


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