Meet the alluring cast of Bravo’s ‘Southern Hospitality’ Season 2! Discover the stars of this captivating reality show.


Are you ready for the hot vibes of Season 2 of ‘Southern Hospitality’, the spinoff from ‘The Southern Charm,’ officially confirmed by Bravo? Premiering on Thursday, December 7, at 9 pm on Peacock, the show promises a sizzling nightlife on King Street. The Republic team faces a bustling and competitive scene, battling rumors, accusations of cheating, and shadows from past wild nights. Will they convince Leva that they’re still the best crew to run Charleston’s hottest club? Let’s take a closer look at the full cast of ‘Southern Hospitality’ Season 2 and what to expect from the upcoming season.

Maddi Reese: The DJ & VIP Manager
Maddi Reese, the DJ & VIP Manager making waves in the music scene, is stepping out of the Southern beat to conquer Miami. The 25-year-old has been working for Leva since she was 20. Reunited with boyfriend Trevor, they’re nesting together and dreaming big. However, just as Maddi thinks she’s left the past behind, a shocking new allegation threatens to shake her world once again.

Joe Bradly: The Rising Star
Meet Joe Bradley, a rising star from a powerhouse family in Atlanta, who’s been on a quest to find his true calling. After navigating through a maze of entry-level jobs and a college detour, Joe, 28, discovered his passion as the VIP Host at Republic. With aspirations to emulate Leva’s success as a nightlife and restaurant maestro, Joe strives to show he’s management material. He is said to be dating Danielle Olivera.

Mia Alario: The Vibrant VIP Host
Meet Mia Alario, the vibrant 25-year-old VIP Host who thrives on the ‘work hard, party hard’ mantra. With her home serving as the backdrop to her finance job and Republic as her dynamic playground, Mia is on a mission to balance her wild side since the arrival of the latest man in her life. Known for her unfiltered honesty, Mia can’t resist meddling in her friends’ love lives. And if that weren’t enough, Mia spills the tea on an unexpected twist involving Taylor’s then-boyfriend Shep attempting to plant a kiss on her.

Grace Lilly: The Positive VIP Host
Meet Grace Lilly, the VIP Host navigating life’s changes with a positive spirit. She’s moved on from past relationship challenges, embracing a new chapter with her boyfriend Liam. They recently welcomed a cat named Fergie into their lives. However, unexpected events bring unexpected turns for Grace, leading her on a journey to rediscover herself. Unlike her co-stars at Republic Garden & Lounge, Grace works at Leva’s restaurant, Bourbon N’ Bubbles. Join Grace as she faces love, parenthood, and surprises at every turn.

TJ Dinch: The Neat and Organized Bartender
TJ Dinch, the bartender from Virginia, relocated to Charleston for a career in the city’s bustling food and beverage scene. As an openly gay individual, he faces challenges in dating due to the smaller and more discreet LGBTQ community in the South. TJ is passionate about his work, managing the bar with the same precision he applies to his life – keeping things neat, organized, and clean and has not publicly shared that he is in a relationship.

Bradley Carter: The Aspiring Entrepreneur
After earning a football scholarship from the Citadel military college, Bradley Carter dedicated two years to intense training, achieving the enviable shape he’s in today. His aspiration is to launch his own personal training company. Currently, Bradley serves as a VIP host at Republic, where he not only earns his income but also encounters potential dates. Unhesitant to leverage his good looks for gaining clients, meeting people, or attracting customers to Republic, Bradley keeps his dating life relatively private on social media but often finds romantic connections while working.

Emmy Sharrett: The Aspiring Lawyer
Emmy Sharrett, a VIP Server at Republic, is finally putting herself first as with her boyfriend Will, she is heading off to law school. Emmy is setting aside her trophy wife ambitions and concentrating on career opportunities at Republic. However, their secure relationship on the outside is challenging after a questionable night of partying, which raises doubts about Will’s loyalty. Emmy is in a relationship with fellow cast member Will Kulp.

Will Kulp: The Ambitious Bartender
Will Kulp, a bartender, is all prepared to leave Charleston for law school to chase his dream of becoming a lawyer. Despite his girlfriend Emmy’s optimism about conquering the challenges of long-distance, rumors about Will in the local scene put both his relationship and friendships to the ultimate test. At 25, Will is in a relationship with Emmy, and despite working at the same nightclub, they don’t work in the same area.

Lucía Peña: The Single Mother
Lucía Peña, a former VIP Server, faces a major upheaval when she becomes the latest casualty of the new Republic regime. As a single mother and homeowner with mounting bills, Lucía is forced to quickly navigate the changes. While searching for a new job, her romantic life takes a positive turn with the arrival of a new boo. Lucía had separated from her boyfriend and baby father before joining Southern Charm.

Leva Bonaparte: The Nightlife and Restaurant Maestro
Leva Nowroozyani Bonaparte, recognized for her roles in ‘Southern Hospitality’ (2022), ‘Southern Charm’ (2013), and ‘BravoCon Live with Andy Cohen’ (2023), has been married to Lamar Bonaparte since April 2013, and they have one child. Leva owns four popular bars on King Street in Charleston, with Republic being her crown jewel. When not handling the staff drama, she plays the role of a surrogate big sister to the Charmers.

With an exciting line-up of the full cast and their intriguing storylines, ‘Southern Hospitality’ Season 2 is set to deliver an addictive mix of drama, friendship, romance, and the vibrant nightlife of Charleston. The upcoming season promises to be a must-watch event for fans of reality TV and will surely keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Don’t miss the premiere on Thursday, December 7, at 9 pm on Peacock. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride through Charleston’s nightlife like never before!


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