Passionate Patrick Mahomes Reveals Emotional Outburst Following Chiefs’ Loss to Bills


The Controversial NFL Offside Call: How Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid Criticized NFL Referees

It’s rare that you hear both head coach Andy Reid and quarterback Patrick Mahomes II criticize the NFL officiating publicly following a Kansas City Chiefs outing, but that’s exactly what happened after a Kadarius Toney offside penalty helped the Buffalo Bills defeat KC in Week 14. Video of Mahomes screaming at the sideline referee over the decision circulated on social media after the game.

Mahomes Unleashes Frustration On NFL Officials

“It [was the Toney] call,” Mahomes told reporters during his postgame press conference when asked about the viral tirade. He expressed his frustration at how a flag changed the outcome of the game and mentioned that in his seven-year career, he had never had an offensive offsides called.

Anger at the Ignored Implicit Norm

As Arrowhead Pride media member Pete Sweeney pointed out after the loss, “Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid are as mad at the actual call as much as the ignored implicit norm to let Kadarius Toney know he was too far up.” In other words, the outright anger was more about the officials not giving a warning and taking the game into their own hands.

Mahomes’ Disappointment With Officiating

Throughout the press conference, Mahomes was very clear about why he was upset about the last-minute flag in Week 14. He mentioned that he’d rather have the game officiated without as much intervention from the referees, allowing the players to determine the outcome through their performance.

NFL Referee Carl Cheffers Backs Offside Penalty

Chiefs Digest reporter Matt Derrick spoke with NFL crew chief Carl Cheffers following the loss. Cheffers hinted that Toney never asked the down judge if he was onside and emphasized that no warning was required, especially if the wide receiver was lined up so far offsides where he was obstructing the referees’ view of the ball.


The controversial offside call and the subsequent criticism from Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid have sparked a debate about the role of officiating in determining the outcome of NFL games. The Chiefs are now 8-5 heading into a road matchup with the New England Patriots in Week 15. The loss cut their AFC West lead to one game over the Denver Broncos. It remains to be seen how this incident will impact the team’s performance in the remainder of the season.


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