Shocking! Woman’s New Apartment Toilet Overflows with Foam – Her Reaction is Priceless!


Woman Watches in Horror as Her New Apartment’s Toilet Overflows With Foam

There are a lot of unexpected events happening to people every day, which is why many have found solace in the comfort of their homes. In numerous cases, being at home with the things and people you love most can reduce stress and make the outside world seem less intense. Unfortunately, there are times when the place you raise your head is the source of all your fears. Especially when something random and beyond your control happens. This was the case for one woman after seeing her bathroom had become a wet, soapy nightmare seemingly overnight. Keep reading to see what happened on TikTok.

A Woman’s Apartment’s Bathroom Toilet Unexpectedly Began Overflowing With Foam

In addition to the average fears of someone breaking into their residence, not making rent due to a financial setback, or that a friend or relative might move in at some point, those living in apartments also have to worry about the people they share walls with. Sometimes, what a neighbor does or doesn’t do can directly affect the people who live near them, as TikTok user Queen Akoya (@akoyaisqueen) discovered. Akoya’s now-viral TikTok occurred in November 2023. She panned the camera to her toilet in the short video, covered in white, foamy bubbles. As the foam takes over her bathroom floor, Akoya repeatedly screams to the camera, saying, “Oh my God,” and asking her followers, “What do I do?”

What Led to the Toilet Overflowing?

Akoya added another video with a closer view of the foam and said, “Umm,” as the foam continued traveling to the bathroom door. As she reflected on the scene, Akoya and someone else in the bathroom kept saying they didn’t know what to do. Although Akoya said she didn’t know what to do in her situation, I have a few steps I would’ve taken had I been there. First, I would book a hotel since I won’t risk waking up to a bubble bath in my bedroom. Then, I’m seeing what could’ve led to this nightmare so I can avoid it next time. Finally, I’m finding out how to get out of that apartment before my lease ends and other unsavory toilet treats explode all over my residence. Akoya’s bubbly disaster enticed many TikTok viewers to invest in her bathroom. Underneath her first two posts, she received several comments asking what Akoya did to cause the toilet’s issues, presuming she was to blame.

The Aftermath and Theories

Others offered her some advice that wasn’t the best, such as “Close the door, blame it on the next person,” or “Put it in rice.” To be fair, the second comment came with a question mark, so the poster knew they weren’t much help. Other users demanded Akoya provide an update on the soapy situation. On Nov. 23, 2023, Akoya gave her audience what they requested, addressing the #toilettok community. During the video, Akoya explained that the Bay Area apartment was in a new building and that she and the person who lives with her called maintenance, who used a Shop-Vac and was “fighting for his life” to remove all the foam. Although the foam is gone, Akoya also said she requested a plumber, who would come about seven days from her post. She also said she had no idea what caused the bubbles, but her “best guesses” were that a vent/stack was blocked, causing the gases in the building to release in her bathroom’s toilet. Another theory was that her neighbors’ kids were “playing scientists,” and the experiment went wrong. Akoya also predicted someone “went ham” with their laundry detergent, causing the system to shut down. Despite our not having all the answers to what happened to her toilet, the important thing is that Akoya and those who live with her, including the cat she tried to save from the demonic toilet, are safe. And now, she has viewers on her side should she have any other issues with the building’s maintenance team.


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