Unveiling the Power of Therapy: How It Transformed My Perspective


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Title: How Therapy Changed My Life: A Personal Experience with Self Space

As my best friend kept raving about how therapy has transformed her life, I always smiled and nodded, but I couldn’t relate. After all, I had supportive parents, a loving partner, and a fulfilling job. Therapy seemed like an alien concept to me. However, that all changed when I discovered Self Space, a revolutionary mental health service that offers instant access to therapy and life coaching.

Realizing Therapy is for Everyone

At first, I was skeptical about therapy and whether it could benefit me. However, I learned that 1 in 4 individuals experience a mental health issue each year. Jodie Cariss, founder and CEO of Self Space, emphasizes the importance of taking a proactive approach to mental health. Seeking support preventatively or early on, before things escalate, can provide valuable guidance and support through life’s challenges.

The Eye-Opening Experience

Upon booking a session with a therapist, I was initially nervous. However, the 90-minute virtual MOT session with Valeria proved to be intense yet incredibly enlightening. Despite my initial reservations, I found it surprisingly easy to open up to her. Through her understated yet powerful questioning, she helped me to uncover deep-seated concerns and guided me to empowering realizations about my own struggles.

Rediscovering Priorities and Taking Action

One of the most beneficial aspects of the MOT session was the opportunity to assess various aspects of my life. Using the wheel method to evaluate different areas, I gained clarity on the areas that needed attention and action. Through Valeria’s guidance, I identified the aspects I had been neglecting and set actionable steps to improve them.

Achieving Happiness through Mental Health MOT

The benefits of a mental health MOT extend across various facets of life. Not only does it provide a renewed sense of purpose and reduce financial stress, but it also enhances relationships and facilitates continued personal growth. The therapist-approved content and resources recommended post-session ensure ongoing support and guidance, allowing individuals to achieve their goals and maintain overall mental well-being.

In conclusion, therapy has had a profound impact on my life through my experience with Self Space. It has provided me with the tools, insights, and resources to navigate life’s challenges and rediscover my priorities. With their innovative approach to mental health, I have embraced proactive mental maintenance and am on a path to a more fulfilling and resilient life.

In essence, therapy truly is for everyone, and Self Space has revolutionized the way individuals can access support for their mental health, leading to profound and long-lasting positive changes.


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