Unwrap Elegance: The Ultimate Luxury Wrapping Paper for a Stylish Christmas 2023


In my humble opinion, the way a present is wrapped is up there with the importance of the actual gift within the paper, and it seems that most people (and pretty much all the Kardashians) would agree with me.

Now more than ever the desire for a well-wrapped gift is more crucial than ever. Year after year we see some of our favourite brands and shopping spots offering complimentary gift-wrapping services, perfect for those who aren’t so crafty. One place which is setting the standard for Christmas wrapping is The Berkeley Hotel in London, who recently launched a gift-wrapping service for its well-heeled guests. Their ‘Resident Wrapper’ Tina understands that giving a gift goes far beyond what’s on the inside, “giving and receiving a gift can spread smiles. The happiness felt by a receiver is like none other and when it is wrapped, it increases the excitement of opening it, thus adding to the happiness. Not only that, a beautifully presented gift shows the recipient that a lot of thought and effort was put into making sure the outside is as good as the inside.”

For those of us not so lucky to shop in-store with a gift wrapper on call, Tina says that the secret to achieving a well-wrapped gift at home is to ” use double-sided sticky tape, crease all of the edges of the box, fold any edges in so your paper has a neat finish, and used a good fabric bow. Don’t forget to cut the tails of the bow too.” She also says that a top tip for those using luxury paper is to “practice with brown paper first. Once you’re confident, you won’t have to worry about wasting the good paper.” The Berkeley offers a luxe gift-wrapping service for Christmas shoppers staying at the hotel.

We all understand the importance of having the Christmas tree’s undercarriage looking just as chic as the decorations on it. In a study by GWP, the UK uses 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each year, with the average household using four rolls of wrapping paper over the Christmas season. “If this statistic makes you cringe, remember that good quality luxury paper can be neatly folded and kept saved until next year,” says Hello! Fashion’s digital editor Natalie Salmon, “I know plenty of thrifty fashionistas who save their paper to be reused for later occasions, to keep things stylish yet sustainable.”

Maybe you’re a fan of keeping things cohesive, opting for a theme of monochrome black and white with red ribbon, or perhaps you’re wanting to spice things up under the tree and add a pop of colour. Maybe you want to go traditional a-la Alice Naylor Leyland (who we seriously wish would release a festive wrapping paper range.) Whatever your gift-wrapping motive this year, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite luxury gift-wrapping options to ensure your gifts are almost too good to unwrap.

Partridge Wrapping Paper
Nancy & Betty
Keep things chicer than chic with this elegant Partridge wrapping paper made from sustainable paper stock and vegetable-based inks. Perfect for those in your life who love a traditional Christmas motif, this printed paper would look amazing tied up with a green ribbon like in the photo above or for an extra pop of colour a bright yellow one.

Emerald Green Wrapping Paper
Nothing screams Christmas time quite like emerald green and gold and this glossy finished option from Dyefor is doing exactly that. Available in both rolls and singular sheets, this luxurious paper exudes festive cheer, perfect for those in your life who love the finer details.

Diamond-print wrapping paper
Heather Evelyn
For those funky friends in your life who appreciate larger-than-life colourways then this Diamond-print wrapping paper from Heather Evelyn will have them swooning. I love how affordable this paper is whilst still exuding a luxury feel. Because of the price point, you can go all out and wrap all your presents in this print to achieve ultimate under-the-tree present goals.

Festive Forest Roll Wrap
Sophie Allport
Perfect for the little loves in your life, or a friend who loves woodland creatures in knitted jumpers, this adorable collection of hedgehogs, badgers, hares and squirrels in a snowy festive forest is almost too cute to crease. This particular paper comes in a 3m long roll and is made from recyclable, ethically sourced 100gsm paper making it structurally sound and easy to wrap.

Plain White Wrapping Paper
Burrow & Nest
If you’re choosing to go with a subtly chic theme under the tree this year then a base of crisp white paper like this option from Burrow & Nest is a no-brainer. Because of the plain nature, the options are quite literally endless when it comes to decorating. Pair the paper with a coloured ribbon, or get your family to write notes and draw pictures for the recipient and create your own personalised paper.

The Botanist Archive : Festive Edition
This luxury gift wrap from Etsy will be sure to get a few audible “oohs” and “ahhs” come Christmas morning. Printed on high-quality recycled paper with vegetable inks, this botanical wrap is perfect for those sentimental recipients known to keep their wrapping paper to reuse.

Shells Wrapping Paper
Laura Barnes
If you have a beach lover in your life then this paper adorned with illustrated shells is the perfect way to show your love. Digitally printed onto 90gsm premium uncoated wrapping paper and completed in a matt finish, you can just tell that this paper was made with precision and care.

Champagne Coupe Wrapping Paper
The White Company
Lean into the festive fun and wrap your loved ones’ gifts with something you know they’ll love. Perfect for those friends in your life who knowingly love a celebratory glass of champagne, this Champagne Coupe embossed paper would go great with a silver ribbon and a gifted bottle of champagne.

Midnight Floral Gift Wrap
This dark navy paper with glistening gold floral motifs is as luxurious as it gets. Ideal for those on your gifting list who admire things on the darker side.


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